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Conversation Between Arabesque and Kunagisa
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  1. Arabesque
    2015-05-12 23:41
    That's good to hear!

    Currently watching from this season: World Trigger, Shokugeki, Dungeon something something, and Euphonium. From past seasons getting caught up on Akatsuki no Yona, Baby Steps, Kuroko and Death Parade.

    I don't feel like there was much I missed, but from reading around it seemed like there were some great shows that I wanted to keep up with. Good to be back posting in any case
  2. Kunagisa
    2015-05-12 16:58
    Things have been great!
    Watching Sidonia, Dungeon Long Title, and Kekkai Sensen this season (still debating about Punchline). I don't think you missed much while you were away to be honest . Anyway, great to see you again!
  3. Arabesque
    2015-05-12 14:33
    Hey! It been a while (a really long one )

    Yeah, I've been trying to get myself back into posting (and writing in general) more regularly after being away for a year. I feel like my writing skills took a hit but I hadn't been in the right state to be writing or watching anime. But things are better now so I want to get back into things once more.

    How's it been on your end?

    I've actually been keeping a very small watch list of this season, and mostly trying to see what I missed what are you seeing this season?
  4. Kunagisa
    2015-05-12 12:50
    Nice to see you're back actively posting! Too bad we're watching different shows this season
  5. Kunagisa
    2013-06-08 22:34
    He's a successful writer no doubt, considering his charm did capture a decent following. From just spoilers, I can see how his stories are not completely negative, but for me, the plots are just not engaging enough for me to stick to the end; for the same reason, psychological aspects lost to me because I never got to them. To be completely honest, I think the fault mostly lies with me for just being biased against him when I start his series. As such, I never gave him fair judgments (maybe except Madoka, but halfway mark there was nothing remarkable about the series).

    Original anime series is something I always support no matter what. Even if I hate Gen, I'm grateful he still has a role in making them happening. One of these days he'll make a series that I will enjoy, but until then I'll just continue my irrational hatred of the guy.

    As for Shinkai, only the most recent title induced my previous comment about him. I even supported Children Chase when most considered that his fail work. With Garden though, I realize his continue trend of not having clear cut ending just bugs me more than usual due to some personal reasons.

    tl;dr: I am extremely impulsive and very subjective with my judgments for anything not academic or career related!
  6. Arabesque
    2013-06-04 17:49
    Hm, I don't know about love, but I like most of Gen's work and I respect his ability as a writer to craft and write interesting scenarios and settings. I can understand what you mean when you say he's made a reputation as a ''dark'' writer (the Butcher, as he's called) and I can see why it's less ... admirable I guess? I mean yeah, the writers who take more risks and attempt to branch out from their strong points are going to be the ones that inspire people more, but at the same time I think he's playing to his strengths and it's working out (for the most part). He's weaknesses are definitely getting more obvious though, and I do think that eventually he will risk finding himself out of touch with the scene once tastes and trends change (and he losses his A game?)

    But when it comes to the rampant negativity (or as everyone tries to dress it) it doesn't bother me as much since I never really viewed what he wrote as being completely devoid of hope (it's sort ironic, most of Gen's stories actually try and appear like they are ending on a very high note, even when 90% of the cast dies) so for me it's all flavour. The real meat is when he gets to the psychological conflicts and grey ethics and moralities, that's what I enjoy watching.

    Of course, it does get pretty taxing after a while and is really difficult to get into if it is done really sloppily frequently *looks at PP* and in general, his characters don't exactly lend themselves to being likeable or relatable. Or feeling like characters that had grown organically throughout the show (Enzo made a great point regarding this several time on F/Z and PP cast).

    Regarding popularity, I agree that both Madoka and Fate/Zero being overhyped, but I'd also argue that they deserve and earned that level of over blown popularity ^^'' They certainly were not original in concept or premise (Fate is Fate, and Madoka is based on something that has existed in , but the technical detail and story is what made them such massive hits.

    And being carefully measured in multi-demographical appeal and calculated to every bit in creative involvement helped tremendously, to be fair. If there was anything that can be taken from Gen Urobuchi's success, is that having a effective marketing plan backing you is going to do wonders for your career.

    My biggest worry right now is the mentality that seems to be developing that views everything he touches turning into gold (or is it black?) and that he seems to be the top banchou when it comes to creative control. I can tell you that will definitely not have a happy ending ...

    I'm also kinda starting to get annoyed with Shinkai Makoto for the same reason.
    But he's the next Miyazaki! Will, after Hosoda I mean. And Goro I suppose since he's actually the next in line to be the head Miyazaki.

    Still, I don't think Makoto pigeon holes himself so much as trying to channel a certain vibe throughout his films that makes them feel similar to each other.
  7. Kunagisa
    2013-06-02 15:47
    I dislike Gen, everything by him or involving him! I don't really care for people who pigeon-hole themselves into one specific genre (especially when the genre's somewhat associated with negative ... energy?). I watched half of Madoka and half of Fate/Zero and found myself unable to enjoy either (unless it's parody-subbed). Madoka's topic is not original, neither was Fate/Zero, but both popularity was blown way out of proportion, rest of Gen's stuff I dropped with 1 episode so ... then again, ALMOST everyone I chat with on IRC loves Gen, and they would often get pissed at me for bashing him hahaha. Maa~~ different opinions make for better discussion I say!

    I'm also kinda starting to get annoyed with Shinkai Makoto for the same reason.
  8. Arabesque
    2013-05-30 10:24
    Originally Posted by Kunagisa View Post
    PS: I'm pretty sure I counted all the mecha shows of this season already.

    Tell me why you don't like Gargantia.
  9. Kunagisa
    2012-11-16 12:22
    but until then I'll try and check here every now and then
    Same with me, I originally thought I would stop being busy at Dec, but this end up will probably be long term. I probably won't be back at all unless there are interesting news, so ... I'm not sure when I'll see your PM =) (I don't use twitter sadly). Also, Momo e no Tegami is very, very good as well.

    Keep an eye out for that.
  10. Arabesque
    2012-11-14 11:46
    *2 months later*


    Sorry, I should have gotten back to WAY sooner than this, but like I told you in the last PM, my life had been pretty hectic the last few months and now with me being back in full time education*, I just no longer have as much free time as I used to.

    I haven't managed to watch anything from the new season sadly, but I have been keeping tap of everything (well, close to ...) and the general reaction towards the season and individual anime (including from people whose opinions I trust) so hopefully once I get a better footing, I'l' be sure to catch up (or maybe just pick 2-3 shows from the Fall, skip the majority of this season and go ahead to the next one... whatever seems like the better option) .

    December is when things will be slowing down and I get more me time again, but until then I'll try and check here every now and then. You might find me occasionally here or on twitter if your interested

    Also, had watched From Poppy Hill ... PM is incoming ...

    * checked what you had sent me back then, and I do have something to say about it ... needless to say, I'm somewhat jealous :P

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