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Conversation Between Arabesque and Guardian Enzo
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  1. Guardian Enzo
    2011-06-09 10:54
    Guardian Enzo
    I've been waiting so damn long - it's very hard to be patient now! If I knew it was going to be a TV series, I wouldn't even care that much about which season or even how many cour - my big fear is that it's going to be a one-shot and/or not cover Jinchu...
  2. Arabesque
    2011-06-09 10:02
    Don't worry, us Kenshin fans well get our announcement soon enough.

    Save the Best for Last, after all
  3. Guardian Enzo
    2011-04-13 10:05
    Guardian Enzo
    Thanks. I was bored by Sket Dance TBH, but I almost never bail after only one ep. As for Dog Days, I couldn't even get through the second ep. Maybe I'll give it one more try...
  4. Arabesque
    2011-04-13 09:35
    Hi, another guy who'd seen your post :P

    Checking your blog, I'm guessing why you have quite a low impression of this season is due to mostly watching the ... lesser quality shows

    Aside from the shows Archon_Wing and Reckoner had mentioned (all of which are good) , I would also vouch for Sket Dance, even if the first episode wasn't necessarily perfect, the show is very promising, considering that the manga is quite charming and has great drama, and since you happen to have liked Letter Bee, you might want to give this one another look.

    I'm of the opinion that this season is actually quite solid, though I'll coincide that there hasn't been a sign of an ''excellent'' show as of yet. But everything seems to be going towards a good direction thus far.

    You might also want to give Dog Days a second look, since the second episode is mostly an action episode, to readjust your view of the series. While it's certainly a shame the show seems to refuse to have sense of tension or threat, it's still a fun show that might work as a bit of decent fluff.

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