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Conversation Between Arabesque and Reckoner
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  1. Reckoner
    2012-11-14 12:35
    Thank you .

    I know I've said it before, but I miss you posting more . Though I see you all the time on Enzo's blog for Hunter x Hunter (Well it is an amazing series).
  2. Arabesque
    2012-11-14 10:34
    Sneaky Birthday greetings!
  3. Arabesque
    2012-03-19 11:41
    Heh, yeah I dug it up from my older avi's after seeing the new Saint Seyia Omega trailer. I couldn't help but feel nostalgic to Casshern Sins, it was like the second show I ever discussed in depth here on AS.
  4. Reckoner
    2012-03-18 23:59
    Digging the Casshern sins avatar .
  5. Reckoner
    2011-10-16 12:53
    I've actually been incredibly busy myself. Getting bogged down nearly almost every day with work form my university. As I type this I suffer the impending doom of two midterms this tuesday...

    But yeah this season has a lot of interesting stuff to check out and it's disappointing I don't have the time to keep up with everything as well as I would like to. These are all the series I've been trying to watch:

    Guilty Crown
    Mirai Nikki
    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
    Hunter x Hunter
    Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!
    Kyoukai Senjo no Horizon
    Mashiro-Iro Symphony
    Shana III
    Gundam Age

    Also Penguindrum from last season of course.

    Not all of these are necessarily A class or B class shows, but all the more reason why I wish I had time since I would probably never bother to look back at the lesser impressive shows of the season that I still enjoyed to some degree.
  6. Arabesque
    2011-10-16 04:53
    Well ... that's one way to put it

    But yeah, I'm still around ... just incredibly busy these few days, to the point where my anime watching habits and posting took a massive hit. Still, I try and make the effort to not disappear

    Too bad that there is way too much to watch this time round ... figures that the season I want to check out the most turns out to be the busiest time for me

    So how things have been going lately for you?
  7. Reckoner
    2011-10-14 21:54
    You're alive!
  8. Arabesque
    2011-08-01 16:37
    Yeah. I'm sort of lost as to what I should change to since there is a lot of things I want to try (why couldn't we have a rotating avatar system here? ), and since my net has been acting up lately, I couldn't watch much to pick from. So for the time being, no avatar.

    Which I think is pretty nice looking. Much cleaner.
  9. Reckoner
    2011-08-01 16:02
    Going for the no avatar look these days?
  10. Arabesque
    2011-07-21 08:52
    Hey, I didn't write that much!

    And that's okay, I wont be able to really post anything here till Saturday (busy and all this Friday)

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