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Conversation Between Arabesque and Triple_R
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  1. Triple_R
    2011-09-01 08:34
    Thanks for sharing that comment with me! Glad you liked the blog. Alas, Rabbit Poets can be a bit stubborn some time and not work that well.

    Definitely see where the last episode of Steins;Gate made you think of the Back to the Future theme, lol.

    Good point on how Okabe and Kurisu having the shared scientist background helped bring them together. That's definitely what broke the ice for their relationship, and enabled them to be friends with shared interests. Trust then basically took it from friendship to romance, imo. However, I agree that a good romance is rooted at least a bit in shared interests, and some anime romances kind of lack that unfortunately.

    Oh, and lol on the black KugRie Tsundere joke. Yes, that's the only color of "car" for some people.
  2. Arabesque
    2011-09-01 01:41
    I saw your post on Google Reader, almost after I finished watching the episode this morning, and had written a reply to it, but apparently they've been neglected from food (again) so they made short work of my comment

    I had the good sense to copy it this time though, so here it is if your interested.


    Fascinating insight as usual. Though it wasn't the first thing on my mind once I finished watching the episode, what you wrote certainly explains why Christian had managed to grow on me.

    That said, the first thing that went into my head as the end credits rolled and Okabe was on the phone was this
    Spoiler for Dun Dun Dun!:

    I mustn't have been the only one to hum it once the screen cut to black

    The second was the mad love these two shared, arguably the central piece of the episode even shadowing a bit that killer cliffhanger. I think all what you wrote is true, and that she's-and her relationship with Okabe- a shining example of a character who's allowed to develop naturally, or as you aptly put it she came across as being an ''organic sentient life'' rather than a stereotype following instructions.

    I do agree with your point that trust was the most crucial reason why Kurisu had fallen for Okabe (though I'd argue that their occupation as scientists (even if one is a Mad one) was just as important, since it created an already established common ground between the two and make a zone for them to have their back and forth, helping bridge the gap between the two personality differences. That's a common problem I notice when a show tries to establish or develop a relationship between a tsundere and her love interest. There isn't really anything tying the two other than at most it's a crush and at worst they just keep running into each other).

    Either way, Vicky and Kujo just got knocked out for my favorite couple of the year. Moreso since both the characters here got their development naturally result in both growing fond of the other, while in the other it was mostly a single developed lead.

    Oh and,
    ''Do you want your KugRie Tsundere in green, white, or blue?''
    See I'm sort of surprised by this, since I was told they only came in black.

  3. Arabesque
    2011-07-25 23:53
    Sorry about the late reply >_<

    Nah I get what your saying in the thread about the Awards for this year, and you didn't come off harsh at all in your reply I'm sure that the year is going to be competitive as it is, so There really isn't any need to add more to the list.

    Also, I forgot to post on the thread, but I wanted to give you a cookie for what you wrote in the Tiger & Bunny thread. Despite how much I thought the episode was pretty great, I have to say after episode 15 where it ended with all the involved parties getting downer endings when they by all means didn't deserve them, I was worried this was a hint for whats to come to the cast I had grown to love the past 12 episodes. You wrote everything I had in mind after watching episode 16, and mirrored my thoughts exactly and my worriers that the show was heading towards a direction I didn't like at all.

    Thankfully, episode 17 had put all these fears to rest. The episode was pretty great, and I had been cheering by the end of it for giving Kotetsu at least a happy ending in an episode since the second half's start.

    Which was what I've been worried about, and what you managed to outline perfectly in the thread. That the show was going to abandon the charm and lighthearted side it had during it's first half for a much darker side. Sure, it always makes for excellent entertainment to have characters the audience love undergo horrible things, but it was just gut-wrenching watching for two weeks how the cast was getting shat on, with little indication to whether this was the new direction the show was taking.

    But after episode that's done. The show had been pretty successful in making me care what happens to this cast and what is going to happen to them, but I'm sure that they wouldn't make them go to dark places and making them stay there. The show is the same show as it had been since the first half, but now the stakes are much bigger.

    I suppose it's pretty clear which show I'm going to pick for the Action category this year
  4. Triple_R
    2011-07-21 15:12
    Yeah, if this was a weaker year for anime I might have been tempted to go along with your AnimeChoice Awards suggestion. As is, though, I'd actually like to see the strong two-cour Fall 2011 anime shows get used for next year, in the off-chance that we see a slight quality dip after what has been an unusually strong year.

    Sorry if I came off a bit too strongly in my reply to you on the boards.
  5. Triple_R
    2011-07-17 01:43
    I don't like the new direction of Tiger and Bunny either. You can read why here.

    It's quite bothersome to me that action-oriented anime are either completely drama-less (Dog Days, and some of the softer magical girl anime shows) or are dark and twisted (just about everything else, now). There seems to be practically nothing between these two extremes.

    Generally upbeat action-drama can be done, and I love it (as I was loving most of the recent episodes of Tiger and Bunny), and it's something that I really wish there was more of.
  6. Arabesque
    2011-07-16 16:48
    I have a question to regarding episode 16 of Tiger & Bunny.

    Do you think that the direction the story is taking with Tiger is a good one? I honestly I'm worried at the implication of what went down in the episode, and how it might relate to the future ...

    (Also, my madoka review is finished. Will post it tomorrow in the Overall thread)
  7. Triple_R
    2011-07-07 21:16
    Thanks for the response to my Anohana review. Sorry that the blog isn't working for you. I'll try to remember to ask RP about that.

    Just a few things:

    1. What I meant by C having "tight plot cohesion" is basically that it didn't waste any time and (most importantly) had no filler episodes. However, it's fair to say that it didn't always flow well, and could feel very choppy in parts.

    2. My "Is it any wonder that RP has chosen her (Menma) to be the virtual mascot of this blog site? " line was playful ribbing mostly, lol. But yes, as moe as Menma is, I hope that RP chooses a different anime character to take her place once he finds a new one that impresses him, lol.

    3. As you can probably tell, I try to take an almost poetic approach with my blog writing style (hence all the alliteration). I try to create pithy and witty-sounding lines that make important points (even if not as accurately as the point could be in more standard English. ). And that's why I used the "slice of life which does not ignore the impact of death" line. Sounded kind of pithy/witty to my ears when I repeated it to myself while writing it.

    You're right that other slice of life shows tackle the topic of death, but Anohana delves into that topic more than any other slice of life/drama I've seen, so I felt it was worth a mention.

    Anyway, glad that you enjoyed the review, and I'm very glad that it's inspired you to write your own. Our takes on Anohana are very similar, almost identical even.
  8. Arabesque
    2011-07-07 18:04
    Huh, your blog of literary artistic carrot eaters has apparently not published my comment.

    Ah well, I'll just post what I have to say here then.

    First and foremost, it effectively utilizes its eleven episode format, which instantly gives it an edge over many other heavily hyped one cour anime shows. Thereís no filler episodes here. No day at the beach, or trip to the hot springs. Thereís no superficial fluff thatís unrelated to the plot of the anime.
    I don't think hype has much to do with it, but you are right in that it makes effective use of the time allocated to it (for the most part, the final episode IMO could've used a bit of a breather by not ending both sub plots at the same time) but still, good point.

    Nonetheless, this alone canít account for everything. C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, an anime that aired right alongside Anohana on the Noitamina block during Spring 2011, was nowhere near as well-received as Anohana was. Yet, C had its cliffhangers, and its drama, and its tight plot cohesion. Why, then, did Anohana succeed so spectacularly in comparison to its sister show?
    That's because [C] was a mess it had budget problems, staff conflicts, and the schedule hiccups would've made even SHAFT shake their heads

    Let me tell you something, what ever [C] stood for, it certainly wasn't [C]ohesive lol

    Now your points about Menma and Yukiatsu struck me more as reasons for why the show was a critical success (as opposed to the financial part) so I'll focus on that for the moment. Yes, I agree that among the frankly unlikable cast (for me at least) Yukiatsu stood out as not only the most dislikable, but also the most interesting. I have little to add about him since you touched on the most important points, but there can be no doubt that the way he was characterized certainly helped with making the show more interesting and engaging.

    Now Menma ... ''Is it any wonder that RP has chosen her to be the virtual mascot of this blog site? '' what is this, a jab?

    Much like you, I hold no love to Menma. I think she is a shallow plot device that has irked me since day one. I put her aside while watching the show in order to not ruin my enjoyment, since her entire presence made the series stand on a frankly shaky premise. Now it was fairly apparent to me that she was a spirit since th first episode (a lot fo the folks tbh seemed to delude themselves that she wasn't) but even then, I personally would've liked her to not have been a ghost, not because it would've been more realistic, but because at least it wouldn't have created such contrivance with the plot. Her entire character is this pure wonderful memory that everyone is chasing after (or are chasing after those who are running after it) that honestly, makes me annoyed that she needs to be personified into this ... well, for lack of a better word, otaku bait. Yes, I think that a lot of the financial success lies in Menma's presence (along other factors that makes this all the more a worst fit for the block, but that's another subject) and really, why couldn't the show have been the friends going after the memory of Menma rather than the actual pure, perfect one who apparently could've proved her existence all along (and had been doing some very noticeable things actually)? To me, Menma is nothing but a white stain that I'd rather not mention when talking about the show, since a lot of my criticism centers around her.

    But yes, other than that, the central cast is well rounded characters, if honestly unapproachable.
    Moving to the financial aspect Yes, you are right that each of the designs are unique and highly easy to read and recognize, and also attract a certain demographic into buying more of their goods and BD's but aside from that, the designs are very good.
    Perhaps most importantly, it is a slice of life which does not ignore the impact of death.
    I disagree on two accounts. The first of which is that AnoHana can't be really considered a Slice-of-Life show since it's so unabashedly, 100% a drama. Yes, it can argued that it then can also be categorized into the Slice of Life tag, since SoL is a sub genre of drama (going by the actual meaning of the term, not the current anime fandom's definition) but that would be like saying that Gundam is an action show when it is more appropriately categorized under mecha.

    Semantics I know, but I just wanted to get it out of the way.

    The second point is that that many anime do deal with the impact of death seriously. The thing with AnoHana is that it centers around that concept, which is why the show ended up exploring the subject with this level of sophistication (and even then, the melodrama was simply at times unwelcomed).

    And that was the comment, more or less. That was a great review (or rather, meta-review?) Looks like I need to get my act together as well >_<
  9. Arabesque
    2011-07-05 13:54
    lol Thanks.

    And yeah, JC Staff ... how far has the mighty fallen lol

    It's unfortunate, since they used to produce such great content back in 2008 (heck, even '09) but since 2010, they had taken a dive and never seemed like they got back up.

    I hold out hope that the show will get better eventually, since the director worked on Toradora and Utena, and the composer is pretty excellent, but the first episode left me indifferent.
  10. Triple_R
    2011-07-04 22:49
    Fascinating take on Kamisama no Memochou. Even though I liked it a lot more than you did, I think I can see where you are coming from on some of your points. However, my main concern personally is simply that it's done by JC Staff, lol.

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