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Conversation Between Arabesque and Pocari_Sweat
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  1. Arabesque
    2012-04-10 09:46
    Well, I finally learned my lesson from the thread. People will never bother reading what anyone wrote earlier in the thread before posting their own opinions. Too bad I didn't figure that out until well before I was painted as a JC Staff defender

    And I spent a lot of pages talking about why it wasn't a bad thing in the first place


    I'm left to wonder if at this point whether or not the mds will eventually have to crack down on the entire thing, considering that we are reaching (already past?) the point where this bloody thing became a cyclic discussion, which last I checked, was actually discouraged around these parts.

    But not like I care, I learned my lesson, I'm not going to invest into the thread any more of my time till something more substantial is revealed about the anime project.
  2. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-04-10 06:04
    Well the LB thread is almost 40 pages now. I expect it to be at least 100 before the damn thing actually airs lol. Unfortunately, people don't read read beyond the latest page so things are being repeated over and over again.
  3. Arabesque
    2012-04-09 15:36
    Um, thanks for the rep ? That has to be the 5th strangest positive cookie I received around these forums, but hey now I'm officially really nice so

    And you know, it's okay, I get that people are disappointed. But when the reactions are described as screaming and grieving, am I wrong in saying that it's an overreaction I mean, okay, you guys are being pessimistic, fine, but given all what the staff had written and how Key assured that they would be working on-hand on the project, why is everyone expecting that it would turn bad in the first place?

    As for the staff, I think the only week link is the writer, who I think it average in his output. The director I think had done some honestly good work, and this is a good project for him.

    But anyway, I decided to drop it. The thread had been derailed enough as it is into studio/shana/ZnT/Tsukihime disscusion that doesn't even relate to JC Staff, and I don't want to drag it any longer there.
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-04-08 09:44
    Poor you . You seem to be getting a lot of flak for "apparently" defending JC Staff, which you aren't really. I do understand your points. However, I think you're overlooking one thing: the production staff in charge. Now if this was Nagai or Kasai directing with Okada or Kuroda on series composition (Toradora, Ano Natsu, old noitamina staff) then I can be somewhat assured it might be decent. However, LB has a bunch of no-namers of the project. Now that's why at least for me, it's concerning.

    However, I'm more mad (well not really, I'm more loling at the point) at Kyoani for pretty much thinking they are beyond Key and declining the offer. They have now effectively abandoned FMP and Key fans, and who knows when the next Haruhi anime will be. They'll probably make more K-on though since that's their flagship franchise now.
  5. Arabesque
    2012-03-04 10:40
    Heh, yeah I know I might not be as active as I once was, but I was sure to leave some comment or two about it.

  6. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-03-02 22:40
    Saw this on LS's wall:

    (then again, I think it's just a general reminder of how low Noitamina had sunk, as I had feared it would, despite trying to deny it for the longest time, but I digress)
    Just in case you didn't know noitamina -may- be getting back their gold standard next season(whether it lasts though is a totally different question) with Sakamichi no Apollon (Shinichiro Watanabe x Yoko Kanno) and Tsuritsma (Kenji Nakamura).
  7. Arabesque
    2011-09-20 17:27
    Haha, yeah, that's one way to put it -_-

    And yeah, I noticed that you repped me before now (I don't really keep much track of what sort of reputation I get) and thanks for that by the way. Yeah, it's really sad the condition that noitaminA had ended up in right now. It was always at it's best when it was doing the more grounded types of shows as opposed to the higher concepts that keep on getting more and more focus nowadays. I realize that this sort of makes me sound like a very grumpy old man, but I really do miss the Good Old Days LOL!

    It doesn't help that it seems like every season there has to be like one show from the line up that just has to get a completely insane ending. The idea seems that since the show is a high concept sci-fi, more aimed towards otaku's, it needs to end on a bang, so we get endings with Giant Magic multi-coloured Wasp Queens, 16 year old sexually abused girls being revealed as Gods, and ... well, what ever was the point of C's ending.

    *sigh* I really want to go back to the more human, reasonable shows, the ones that looked like it didn't try and go off the deep end to be entertaining, the ones that you mentioned. Usagi Drop really does strike me as the last genuine show of the same caliber as the old crop, and that's just really sad

    I liked Anohana ... yes, I did have certain criticisms of the show, but on the whole it was one of my more pleasant viewings of the year. But the reason why I'm so worried is that the attempt to further push the slot into more and more typical anime fan friendly zone is honestly worrying in that eventually, what purposes is there for the slot if it airs the same thing everywhere?

    Still, I try and be optimistic, the slot still can air interesting stuff, even if it's not of the same quality. Guilty Crown is going to be fun to watch, even if it ends up falling apart Un-Go has promise with a strong staff behind it, and BRS is BRS. I'm not happy about it being in the line up, but hey, after C, I'm more than willing to accept anything at this point.

    (By the way, I left a comment on your blog for S;G. Good review for the show)
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-09-16 02:51

    So I hear that the ending to No.6 is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC .

    In all honesty though, I wanted to rep you on that post, but I repped you already so I'll leave a comment here . Absolutely agree with your stance on noitamina. I am also a member of Good Old Days Noitamina (TM). I really miss animes like Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile, Paradise Kiss, Hataraki Man. I actually like Usagi Drop more than the average person did (in my Top 10 now) but yeh... I have a feeling not very many shows like that is gonna be made anymore. I also agree with you that although I enjoyed Anohana... its success is actually very worrying.

    Sad sad times for noitamina indeed
  9. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-09-07 18:58
    You're right, popularity contest is popularity contest. Macross F? Lol. Hetalia AGAIN? Lol. Madoka winning is somewhat deserved even though overrated. Same goes with Okada, though I was more impressed by Wandering Son than EMO hana or Inconsitent Iroha. Fractale doesn't exist
  10. Arabesque
    2011-09-07 10:16
    Actually, what is your reaction to the news?

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