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Conversation Between reaper1984 and Watashi_no_Ekiben
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  1. reaper1984
    2009-01-06 21:29
    heheheh DS!!! madness! lolol I hit level 80 last week, im still waiting for you to PST me lol... :P

    Im playing my Death Knight usually... on Dreadmaul... the name is Loci... on Horde side


    Enjoy your DS! ^^
  2. Watashi_no_Ekiben
    2009-01-05 03:26
    Sorry... I have been neglecting the computer lately...
    I have been only playing with my DS... Playing... The Code Geass game.... And Pokémon...
  3. reaper1984
    2008-11-28 09:25
    helloooo... hows it goin?!?!??! havent heard from you in aaaages!!!!! whats new MOOSE!!
  4. Watashi_no_Ekiben
    2008-11-22 19:29
    I'm allowed to use the net when I want, but I need permission to play WOW from my dad...
    But why does he let me play Diablo? I don't even play that.
    Btw these messages are from my IPhone, and.... I am the infamous number 13! Buwahahaha!!
  5. reaper1984
    2008-11-22 01:03
    YAYNESS!!! I can't wait to have you join us... will be awesomeness x infinity + 2 lolz


    Shame about the permission thing tho haha... how old are you then?
  6. Watashi_no_Ekiben
    2008-11-21 18:17
    LOL I only knew IRL. I'd join when I get on. I need stupid permission to go online T~T
  7. reaper1984
    2008-11-21 01:06
    hahaha your so cute... RL = Real Life... lolz...

    Our Guild Name is = Pink Bunnies OF DOOM! haha doesn't it make you wanna join??? hahaha how is your day?
  8. Watashi_no_Ekiben
    2008-11-20 21:03
    Sorry, what is RL? Lol I suck. What's the name of your guild?
  9. reaper1984
    2008-11-20 03:31
    hahaha yaaay!!! dreadmaul is a good server, quite low population... less lagg... its oceanic though... I am the guild master of my guild... so you are always welcome... my toons are Alaanah my 70 warlock... i have a bunch of alts and a good friendly guild mostly with my RL friends... we will love to have you!

    So how is your day?
  10. Watashi_no_Ekiben
    2008-11-19 00:30
    You can join LOL. Is Dreadmaul nice? I'll make a horde girl there maybe. LOL I apparently like blood elves. And Orc women. Spinzaku is a Blood Elf. Hahahah In Suramar there are too many people trying to become Death Knights.( it's crashing my comp)

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