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Conversation Between baka ni-chan and The Chaos
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  1. The Chaos
    2008-10-31 09:12
    The Chaos
    I Stopped Reading at chap 42
    But I'm keep watching the anime
  2. baka ni-chan
    2008-10-29 07:45
    baka ni-chan
    Yah better but not like a manga -_____-
  3. The Chaos
    2008-10-25 10:49
    The Chaos
    Vampire knight S2 is Really Better than S1 in animation and Story
  4. baka ni-chan
    2008-10-25 10:44
    baka ni-chan
    Yah right I hope It"s not well be like vimper knight I just hoooope T^T
    It"s great manga any way ~
    "people can do a shoujo anime _-_??"
  5. The Chaos
    2008-10-25 10:42
    The Chaos
    well you have to just begin
  6. baka ni-chan
    2008-10-25 10:41
    baka ni-chan
    The mange is great but anime -________-
  7. The Chaos
    2008-10-25 06:22
    The Chaos
    you Should read the manga more than Awesome
  8. baka ni-chan
    2008-10-25 02:20
    baka ni-chan
    haha .. cute ava
    I just thing skip best It"s find ^_* .. BUT NOT Like what I imagin
  9. The Chaos
    2008-10-02 11:50
    The Chaos
    I think The Cat is Funny when he Drinking XD

    I Can't wait to See The Next ep
  10. baka ni-chan
    2008-10-02 11:05
    baka ni-chan
    Yah !! cool anime XDDDD
    I love mis cat XP , The girl It"s cute but Voice It"s not like what I thing ..So whet to new ep ~

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