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Conversation Between baka ni-chan and Asmodeus
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  1. Asmodeus
    2008-10-01 15:23
    I have a questin: The aime Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~ is different to María sama ga miteru?¿?
  2. baka ni-chan
    2008-09-28 11:43
    baka ni-chan
    hah lol I read onlie 5 voliem for soul eater XD
    yah me too = )
  3. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 11:33
    Well I read many many mangas¡¡¡ The last ones Umineko no naku koro ni And Soul Eater¡¡:kiskiss:
    (But I'm watching a few more...)
  4. baka ni-chan
    2008-09-28 11:29
    baka ni-chan
    UAE !!
    Yah I Know you live in some cantry not like my cantry beacus question mark It"s defrent ! [?] ..
    so what manga you read ??
  5. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 11:28
    I live in Spain¡¡¡and you?¿?
  6. baka ni-chan
    2008-09-28 11:27
    baka ni-chan
    in your country !! O_O
    Where you live ?? It"s japanis right ?? T^T ..
    In my country It"s not japanis --" and It"s vere Stubet ~
    you need to watch more It"s goo to cool >////<
  7. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 11:24
    Oooo Ok I from One Piece I see until 226..But maybe I'm going to see more in my computer^^
  8. baka ni-chan
    2008-09-28 11:22
    baka ni-chan
    Lol!! I like do that"s in a first time I meet a new people XD
    Lol we are a seam my Friend ^__^
    and your question One Piece did"t finished yet "but in our country It"s onley 19 ep " I watch in my computer ^_^
    tha last ep It"s Episode 371
  9. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 11:17
    Ooo~ you are very Nice¡¡¡

    I'm fine and I'm also like Lucky ☆ Star ,soul eater and One piece¡¡¡
    A question: One Piece did finished yet?¿?¿?¿ (In my country no..hehe))
  10. baka ni-chan
    2008-09-28 11:13
    baka ni-chan
    hi nice to meet you ^____^ I am find
    What about you ??
    for me ?
    One Piece
    Furi Kuri
    Soul Eater
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Lucky ☆ Star

    so whay about you asmi-san ?? ^_^

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