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Conversation Between nozomi vamp and Evil Rick
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  1. nozomi vamp
    2010-01-21 14:00
    nozomi vamp
    wells i be a stupid sea urchin! your right gomen.
  2. Evil Rick
    2010-01-21 00:12
    Evil Rick
    You silly boy, the one who left you the coment on your drawing was Zhaxra, not me, I changed my Joker avatar last Sunday
  3. nozomi vamp
    2010-01-20 16:29
    nozomi vamp
    thnks for the comment Rick.

    I agree with ur comment on the head tho, it took me about an hour and a half to get it to look good enough for me, yea there still things it could be improved with it but i honestly don't feel like spending hours to fix one little thing. as for the coloring, you'd be suprised what a simple change in music can do
  4. nozomi vamp
    2010-01-03 00:12
    nozomi vamp
    yo rick do we have a winner???????? i wanna draw something to enter for the contest!!
  5. Evil Rick
    2009-12-18 02:09
    Evil Rick
    Because of the Hollyday, at the Artists Alike and from Afar jam of December 2009 we only have 2 days of voting phase 1 and will have only 2 days for voting phasde 2 too. If you're wishing to vote, do it quickly, if not, ignore this mesage.
  6. Evil Rick
    2009-10-13 22:41
    Evil Rick
    Thanks a lot.
  7. nozomi vamp
    2009-10-13 16:27
    nozomi vamp
    oh hey happy bday!! ur bday is 7 days after mine!
  8. Evil Rick
    2009-09-14 11:02
    Evil Rick
    No probs man.
  9. nozomi vamp
    2009-09-13 20:09
    nozomi vamp
    well thank you rick you are the only person who has answered it.
  10. Evil Rick
    2009-09-11 12:18
    Evil Rick
    1) You simply must think of it as a hobby, not as an obligation.
    2) I read books in english and see movies in english.
    3) Well, I personally like to write self exams with the questions that I'm sure will be on the official one and then try to answer them as if they were the real exam.
    4) Clasic music, the music of Andrwe Loy Wever relax me a lot.
    5) Nornmally daily on or two weeks before the test.

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