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Conversation Between dec4rhapsody and Hari Michiru
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  1. Hari Michiru
    2008-09-01 12:18
    Hari Michiru

    Zero-mode hand positions must hurt @_@.
  2. dec4rhapsody
    2008-09-01 11:42
    Sigh...gotta go now (sleepy)...
    I do like Lelouch, but his Zero-mode is ...laughable (remember maniac laugh+unhuman body movements...)
    SuzaEuphie is my OTP (damn Lelouch...), GinoXKallen the OTCP, LelouchCCKallen the OT3...
    Lelouch is too dangerous for mortal women I suppose~

    Oh, my Chinese wasn't better when I returned to China in 1999~
  3. Hari Michiru
    2008-09-01 11:35
    Hari Michiru
    Meh. I find myself liking the mindscrew of every episode Sunrise hits me with, hahaha. Lulu fangirl right here! My favourite female character is C.C. though (Cornealia is a close second), but Euphie's and Shirely's (especially Shirely's) deaths were really sad though.

    If they kill of Kallen...*grabs knives*

    and PS: My Chinese is like at a kindergardern level, hahaha. Chinese School stuff never stuck at me.
  4. dec4rhapsody
    2008-09-01 11:24
    I couldn't imagine that Turn 21 seemingly turned out well-received in The Chinese boards I went to were all "WTF".
    Stop messing up with the characters, Taniguchi. Man, he's already ruined Suzaku in R2. And the f****-up boy joining Lelouch for reasons the scriptwriter probably didn't come up with won't help. (Hopefully it gets revealed in future sound episodes...)
    I'm fine if they want to ship SuzaLelou, which will put an end to those nasty shipwars. After all, Lelouch is a siscon, and gay. Sigh, why did all the female characters I like fall in love with that jinx or die at his hands?
    Someone gimme Euphie and Shirley back...
    Sorry that I sound so uncivil, I'm just too pissed off. And if they decide to kill Kallen I'll just be too glad to drop the series.

    PS: If you know Chinese, you'll get this expression.
  5. Hari Michiru
    2008-09-01 11:12
    Hari Michiru
    I KNOW. Code Geass will be the death of my brain, I swear. XD
    Knight of Zero: Spinzaku!
  6. dec4rhapsody
    2008-08-31 23:55
    I've got FREYA-ed by the latest episode...
  7. Hari Michiru
    2008-08-31 11:01
    Hari Michiru
    Meh, I find him too...indecisive. XD
    At least he's going insane now. (CG today!)
  8. dec4rhapsody
    2008-08-30 23:58
    Yeah...sorta... I do prefer reform to revolution~
  9. Hari Michiru
    2008-08-30 01:36
    Hari Michiru
    Oh're a Suzaku fan? =O

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