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Conversation Between dec4rhapsody and blottyparchment
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  1. dec4rhapsody
    2008-10-03 10:25
    Nana, sigh...sigh....(sigh.....sigh..........)
    Paradise Kiss was the only Yazawa manga I read through....
    Glad that I didn't like GeorgeXYukari that much, or it's just that I find most of my ships in Shounen Manga....
    Crack ship seems to be the only safe way to prevent frustration, you know it won't happen and that's it.

    But I can't help thinking about Kagino's future when watching this:






    Do you know that I have something called pairing spell? Almost none of my fav. pairings (that I shipped with a passion)worked out..
    I dunno whether it's because I ship them or it's the angst/frustration/heartbreak that I ship....

    I knew from the beginning that Lelouch-centric pairings are doomed, yet I sorta hoped that Kalulu would be confirmed before Lelouch "went home to marry Euphie/Shirley/Rolo"....And I was so convinced this time because of a certain strong line....(SIGH)
  2. blottyparchment
    2008-10-03 08:20
    Ah, now I remember. I do have other frustrations. More of them come from manga. Do/have you read these?

    7. Angel Sanctuary - Beautiful story, but so much angst. I feel that some of my favorite characters got shafted for the incestuous main pairing. Wait, I think almost any Yuki Kaori work is frustrating for me. (Count Cain, Godchild, etc.) >_>

    8. Nana - Frustrating again. New relationships keep popping up left and right I can't root for a pairing anymore. This has even more heartbreaks for me. I still follow the manga though.

    9. Vampire Knight - Zero x Yuki is so frustrating. The angst and drama of their relationship is just so...I don't even have a word for it anymore. >_<

    10. Honey and Clover - One of the ultimate frustrations! I liked Yamada x Mayama and Hagu x Takemoto. Morita, I liked without a pairing. In the end, nobody ends up with anybody. Oh well, I could forgive that because the story was more about life.

    11. Hyakkiyakou Sho - the main char is a guy who has strong spiritual powers; he has a guardian spirit named Blue Demon who stays in the body of his father. One of the first people he helps out is his beautiful older female cousin who had low self-esteem. She was being plagued by a bad spirit. The two cousins share a strong bond. The mother and grandma of the main char tease them a lot, even agreeing that they should marry. But the main char doesn't let his cousin know about his feelings and his cousin later gets a boyfriend. The manga is still not yet finished, but it's at a point in which you know the two char share such a strong bond that's more than cousins.

    12. Moon Child by Shimizu Reiko - angsty, frustrating

    13. Emma - not one of my favorites but it frustrating to see the two main characters torn apart by circumstances >_<

    14. Terra he - It's the type of show in which just when you find a new likeable/fave char, 'something' happens to him/her. You can't even ship anybody anymore.

    Now, unto more positive things. What are the pairings you rooted for that worked out in the end/is going strongly until now? Mine are mostly from manga.

    1. Cat Street - Keito x Koichi
    2. Nodame Cantabile - Nodame x Chiaki
    3. Akuma to Love Song - Maria x Meguro
    4. Please Save My Earth

    Wow, I can only give so few. >_>
  3. blottyparchment
    2008-10-02 20:11
    Frustrating Ships? Hmm.

    1. Kalulu - *sobs* This is one of the ships I was really hoping for to turn out well...Oh well..
    2. AsuCaga - The writer ruined them, but at least both are still alive. One can still hope for them to get back, right? Right? Sunrise, please make that Gundam SEED movie good!
    3. SasuSaku - Come on, will Kishimoto seriously do romance beyond the undertones of NaruSaku

    4. Sophia x Alex from Last Exile - Alex' love dies, Alex dies, Sophia's love is unrequited.
    5. Sheryl x Alto (Macross Frontier) - have you seen the last ep?
    6. Saya x Haji (Blood+) - sad story...

    I don't ship hardcore. Kalulu and Asucaga are, so far, the only two ships I really fell hard into.
  4. dec4rhapsody
    2008-10-02 13:29
    *Tears* list of frustrating ships:
    1. Kalulu
    2. AsuCaga
    3. SasuSaku

    Can you come up with more?
  5. blottyparchment
    2008-09-27 11:43
    you're welcome (re: lyrics). thanks for welcoming me.
  6. dec4rhapsody
    2008-09-27 10:51
    Just drop by to say, thank you...

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