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Conversation Between swtrooper42 and Tyabann
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  1. Tyabann
    2009-11-03 04:08
    Okay, finished both stories.

  2. Tyabann
    2009-11-03 02:56
    I got it working.

    I tried Cross'+Channel first... All I have to say so far is wow. Just wow.
  3. Tyabann
    2009-11-03 02:02
    Doesn't work.

    "Error opening file for writing."

    Did you have this problem? I tried the fix linked to in the readme and it does NOT help in any way, shape, or form.
  4. swtrooper42
    2009-11-03 01:33
    I just realized now that the Tower of Friends patch for Cross Channel came out on October 1st.
    I liked it for the touching ending. Everything just seemed to click at the end for Taichi.

    If you havn't heard about it till now, check out their download page.
  5. swtrooper42
    2009-10-14 13:42
    Only up till chapter 3 unfortunately. Steam was having a sale on Empire Total War and I got distracted again by Shakugan no Shana Second. But now I have a completely clear schedule so I should finish this by the end of the month.

    The suspense in this game is starting to kill me. Actually starting to make me a bit paranoid.
    Ayase seems nice, but she's only been in one scene so I can't make a final call on her.
    Nanami is still pretty nice.
    Chapter 3 seems to be pretty interesting. Soon all the girls will be introduced and I can get opinions on each one.

    Oh yeah, like your new harem seeking avatar. That show is awesome. I like to play "Identify the reference" game while I watch it.
  6. Tyabann
    2009-10-13 23:53
    That's good to hear. Yeah, like I said, Taku is mildly schizophrenic. It only really gets bad when he's stressed out though. Which is often.

    How far are you?
  7. swtrooper42
    2009-10-13 22:00
    I am stuck in a world of schizophrenia and paranoia.
  8. Tyabann
    2009-10-13 18:23

    How is Chaos;Head?
  9. Tyabann
    2009-09-28 21:12
    I know that you know she's imaginary, but considering she comes from a very tortured mind... yeah.

    I don't really know if the anime made her as subtly disturbing as she is in the game, but...

    Hmm, genki tsundere girls... I guess Nanami fits both "genki" and "tsundere", but the latter only in her brother's head, heh.

    God he is such a siscon sometimes. Creepy.
  10. swtrooper42
    2009-09-28 21:06
    I know she's imaginary, I've seen the anime. Plus it's fairly obvious.

    Daisuke may womanize, but at least he's honest about it. I still view him as pretty nice.

    Ah well, those are my tastes. I like my men honest and snarky and my women genki and tsundere.

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