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Conversation Between vandakiara and Pellissier
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  1. Pellissier
    2009-10-20 04:58
    Well the fact is that the scene was out of the blue, so it caught me by surprise. Unlike the "Sadako" scenes in episode 1 which I found entertaining yet predictable.
    With the extra frames, nothing in particular, just a much more convincing thunder effect. ^^
  2. vandakiara
    2009-10-20 04:48
    yeah sawako can be quite scary, but she doesn't give me the creeps because I know she's a nice girl who's just trying to make friends- plus, she makes me laugh and is just adorable to me (oh I love horror, but I can only be scared by what I don't know/ understand. as I know sawako, she doesn't scare me)

    how would the sig have been with the extra 2-3 frames? now I'm curious x)

    oh and awww thanks <3

    and I've started watching bokura ga ita but then I kind of got stuck at episode 10 because I ran out of time and I've been really busy - the only animes I've seen are umineko and kimi ni todoke.
  3. Pellissier
    2009-10-20 03:33
    I still hope in the spooky potential of that shot, I'm not one to be easily impressed (on the contrary, I quite like horror), but to see that Sawako actually gave me the creeps for a moment , too bad I couldn't put 2-3 frames more. I must say you have a very nice submission, one of my favourites so far.

    By the way, out of curiosity, have you watched Bokura ga Ita?
  4. vandakiara
    2009-10-19 16:06
    yeah, it was the pic from bokura ga ita, don't worry, I saw your reply

    and yeah, that kimi ni todoke sig is great *too bad only the series' watchers will catch the pun though, it really made me laugh 8D* and you can count on my vote for sure x)
  5. Pellissier
    2009-10-19 15:32
    I'm glad you caught the reference, because "Scaring You" is effectively a a pun on the english name "Reaching You" of Kimi ni Todoke. Certainly, it needs someone who's watching the series to get it. ^^;
    It was love at first sight with that scene, the moment I saw it I immediately thought I had to convert it for the contest, in one way or another!

    By the way, I incidentally noticed a question from you, date sept.28/2008, to which I answered in my profile (sorry, I was really clumsy with the VM system at the beginning), but I'm not sure if I replied right. Did you mean my profile picture, the one that's still up at the moment? If so that's Bokura ga Ita, I used Kimikiss as avatar but that image from Bokura ga Ita has always been my profile picture.
  6. vandakiara
    2008-09-28 05:50
    Hi ^^ just a quick question... your profile image... it kinda reminds me of lovely complex... but I don't think it's from there is it? x)

    which anime/manga is it from?

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