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Conversation Between vandakiara and Asmodeus
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  1. vandakiara
    2008-10-02 08:58

    you'll probably have the siggy done in a few hours *feeling inspired today*
  2. Asmodeus
    2008-10-02 08:56
    Thanks^^ I'm going to send you a private message^^ Is ok?¿?¿

    And I always remember my friends
  3. vandakiara
    2008-10-02 08:53
    yay you remembered me

    of course, just show me the pic and tell me what you want exactly
  4. Asmodeus
    2008-10-02 08:51
    Hi vandakiara¡¡¡
    I've got a pic and I want a siggy...Can you make a sig for me please?¿?
  5. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 12:19
    Yeah episode 7 was sad... So I'm going to prepare that tissues and then I'm going to see¡¡¡
  6. vandakiara
    2008-09-28 12:17
    oh basically you only have 2 epis to go cuz 13 is just a recap..

    hurry up and finish it, it's really great (and sad... you better prepare some tissues... I know I cried... well, but I started crying from episode 7 so... )
  7. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 12:14
    Yes I'm watching Air tv I'm in chapter 10^^
    And kanon 2006 was fantastic¡¡¡¡
  8. vandakiara
    2008-09-28 12:08
    ahah now we talk through other people's profiles too

    so you're watching Air right?

    in which part are you in?

    oh and Kanon (2006) is great too
  9. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 09:19
    I'm from two cities¡¡¡ One in the west near Portugal (In badajoz(extremadura))
    And the other in the East in Alicante(Valencia))^^
  10. vandakiara
    2008-09-28 08:05
    yeah our languages are really similar... so which part of spain do you live in? I mean, north, south, east, west... near portugal, near france, ...?

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