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Conversation Between vandakiara and Asmodeus
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  1. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 06:40
    Ooo yes we live too near   And the spanish and the portuguese are so similar  
  2. vandakiara
    2008-09-28 06:27
    well, I'm from Lisbon in Portugal... so I guess we're kinda neighbours

    when you don't remember something in english you can say it in spanish to me...
    I'll probably understand you either way
  3. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 06:23
    (I'm exactly from Spain near Portugal  )
    And you where are you from???
  4. vandakiara
    2008-09-28 06:09
    oh okay btw I don't think I've asked you before, but where are you from exactly?

    oh and if that's the case, rimi's really really cute *I already know who she is*
  5. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 06:04
    I don't speak english very well  so I don't know how can express very well what characters are
    ButThe characters are those:
    Rimi Sakihata(pink hair)-Takumi Nishijō (the boy and is the center from de story)-Nanami Nishijō(the sister's of Takumi...)-Ayase Kishimoto(the girl witch short blue hair...she plays in a rock band)-Kozue Orihara(she has got telepatics powers)-Yua Kusunoki-Sena Aoi
    Apeareds too and other girl with long pink hair and purple eyes..but I dont remember his name
  6. vandakiara
    2008-09-28 06:03
    who's rimi?

    *told ya I didn't know the characters yet... though I want to *
  7. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 05:53
    Yes I think exactly the same  Chaos;head seems so interesting as higurashi   I wanna to see now ***^^
    And Rimi is so Cuteee^^***
  8. vandakiara
    2008-09-28 05:52
    I don't really know the characters yet... I'm trying to be spoiler-free this time so that I can fully enjoy the anime all I know is the summary...

    but I'd like to know a bit of the characters actually... who are they?
  9. vandakiara
    2008-09-28 05:46
    yeah it seems really interesting... a bit like higurashi don't you think?

    at least someone told me it was gonna as interesting and bloodfest as higurashi

    and I like the art
  10. Asmodeus
    2008-09-28 05:45
    Have you got a favourite character from chaos;head,or not yet???

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