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Conversation Between raile and BetoJR
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  1. raile
    2011-04-03 11:25
    But your knees are all better now right?

    I actually am one of those who believe that the Church's religious ideals are stunting the nation's growth (especially in my place where overpopulation takes place because the government (thanks the Church) is iffy about handing out condoms). So much for state and religion being separate . I believe in God and all, but the human-made organization has a lot of things I just do NOT agree on.

    Have you guys seen The Little Shop Around The Corner? You've Got Mail is the modern version of it, but nothing beats the original (and this heavily applies to Yours, Mine and Ours too). Casablanca and Gone with the Wind are definite classics alright.

    Whatever, I still hate you.

  2. BetoJR
    2011-04-02 14:55
    Yeah, only the jock here started putting that all behind him as soon as he turned 15, on account of both knees being busted (not really due to strain, more a genetic defect - my kneecaps are a little too high-placed and stand a little outside of their purported sockets, so going out completely is real easy), but the reputation was already made, anyway.

    We brazilians tend to be religiously hypocrites like the best of them, too, so I know what you're talking about. Me, I'm a kardecist and I believe you're responsible for what you do and gotta answer for it - one way or another.

    The wifey loves Audrey Hepburn, as well as Romy Schneider, of those Sissi movies. She was the one who finally made me watch stuff like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind - as much as I love movies, and I do, I had never seen those.

    And as for the free channel... hate the game, not the player.
  3. raile
    2011-04-02 11:18
    Soccer, basketball...doesn't matter, still a jock.
    I like to believe that women are just as bad as men in terms of the sleeping around. And hey--it takes two to tango. Over here, we still pull on the religious security blanket to hide our dirty deeds. My country is quite the religious hypocrite, you should know.

    I like classic movies too *high fives your wifey*, mostly the ones with Audrey Hepburn.

    You have a free channel?


    I hate you forever!!

  4. BetoJR
    2011-04-02 08:23
    Well, the quarterback equivalent would probably be a great soccer player (never had much luck with that sport, myself). I was more the surfer-friendly-hipster dude, I'd guess. Having (really) long hair and two or three earrings at any given time also added to that image.
    I'm also proud to say I wasn't one of those guys who bragged about whomever they got with - the girls did that all by themselves, and I never did understand WHY they did it.

    And, yeah, HP is evil. Nevermore. I used to love ASUS, until I lost two motherboards in a row due to faulty components - and went over to notebooks, never to look back to desktops, again.

    Heh, I often think along the same lines, regarding my wife's temper. Karma is a bitch. But I love her, so it evens out. And we started talking due to our mutual love for movies (she prefers classics, like Gone With the Wind and such) and our very first date was to Shrek.
    Also, I was never much into porn, strangely. I guess growing up around half-naked women all the time (not to mention blooming real early) kinda numbed me to it. Not to say that nowadays I don't look (I have a free channel on my HDTV plan, after all), but only when I'm suitably... needy.
  5. raile
    2011-04-01 21:46
    If you get the book, good luck on your depression after reading!

    HP huh? Mine is an ASUS, it's actually very reliable...until you accidentally type too hard.

    Whoa, so you were the Brazilian equivalent of an American quarterback?
    Hmm, but I don't really care much about a person's past, all I care is how whether or not they've changed into a better person. And you pass with flying colors. *pats on back*
    The wrath your wife has for you when she is in pain is divine punishment enough for whatever stunts you pulled, as well as the post-pregnancy period, which is just as bad.

    The video store where you rented porn? . (Sorry, I could NOT let that one pass).
  6. BetoJR
    2011-04-01 12:47
    I did not even know The Fox and the Hound was based on a previous story - it was one of my early favorites, growing up (curiously, my daughter loves it, as well). I have to go after the book, now.

    And what a coincidence - my laptop is at the shop, too. Not the official one, mind, since they deemed what happened a misuse of the darn thing and I had to find someplace else to fix it. Stupid buggers - I'm paying to fix it, even if it's still covered by the warranty, but they prefer to let someone else get the money. I'll never buy HP stuff, ever again. *grumble, grumble*

    Also, I'll probably stop at two kids, really. The wife seems increasingly pissy whenever she feels pain and I happen to be near. Somehow, it's all my fault, now. Like I did it all by myself...

    As for your question... Do you really want to know? I was a healthy (and, if I may say so, moderately handsome) brazillian boy, who played basketball and happened to be the captain of the swimming team...
    Who also happened to be way worse than someone like Makoto from School Days (maybe that's why I don't think his fate was all that warranted, myself). I'd probably just seem to be bragging, or something. Suffice it to say, I did repent from the more egregious shit I pulled, and I got some thrown at me, as well. Fair is fair.

    But when I met my wife (she was the manager at a video store I used to go to) I was already trying to change and be a better person. Thankfully, it worked (I think). We've been together almost ten years, now.
  7. raile
    2011-04-01 12:04
    It was the Little Mermaid that sealed my love for Alan Menken and Jodi Benson.
    Listen to it when you get home, and while you'll be at it, listen to this One-Man Disney Medley as well.
    LOL, well Disney has always been known to steer clear from tragic endings in favor of happier ones (e.g. The Fox and the Hound, if you've seen it, you can say that it's somewhat bittersweet since the two friends part on reconciled terms to live happy lives. But if you've read the original book where it was based, you'll find a very unhappy and depressing story. ).

    I will make it when I get my laptop back from the shop to repair a defective key (probably from replying to all the godly nonsense LMK keeps posting).

    It is a sign! You should name your kid Raile instead!
    That or there's a Kal-El Fanclub in your place that you never knew about.

    Don't worry, you could always reserve Sheryl for when you have another bun in the oven. *nudge*

    Hey, you didn't answer! How many kissyfaces did you make until you met your awesome queen?
  8. BetoJR
    2011-04-01 11:45
    Yes, that show did grace us with godly music - I remember buying both the imported and the localized versions of the OST, myself, as a kid (and that took some lunch money, let me tell ya). I haven't listened to the Broadway OST in quite a while (and, sadly, I do not remember that song - nor can I access the 'tube at work). I will rectify that presently - or when I get home, whichever comes first.
    One thing I still remember quite vividly, tho, is that I kept waiting for Ariel to die and turn into sea foam - and was wildly happy when she did not.

    Your idea for an AMV is simply brilliant. I hope you do make it. Soon.

    And, just so you know, I started seeing a lot of Kal-Els after I decided to name my son. I cannot recall ever hearing a parent yell at his son with such a name with the frequency I'm hearing these days (or at all) - on my daughter's swimming class alone, there are TWO!

    Also, I'd have loved to have a Sheryl for a daughter. Unfortunately, Frontier came out a little too late for that.
  9. raile
    2011-04-01 11:22
    Hmph. Teenagers, you give them an inch and they'll swim all over you (--Sebastian).
    Well, at least her teen issues brought good music on and off the Disney versions.
    Have you listened to the Broadway OST, it has good songs. My favorite being "If Only" (the singer copied Jodi Benson's voice really closely).
    Curiously, how many girls did you kiss until you found your awesome queen?

    What I liked about Tangled the most was the villain. She reminded me of Grace in a lot of ways. I even itch to make a Grace AMV using her manipulative-parent song.

    I think it's a good name--super even . Waay better than the unimaginative and generic names parents seem to give these days (I know a person who named her kids by the day they were born. You had Tuesday, Wednesday, you get the point. ).

    Don't worry about geekiness. When I have daughters, I'll be naming them Ariel and Sheryl.
  10. BetoJR
    2011-04-01 10:49
    Hey, I was agreeing with you on the stupid thing - I kinda feel impulsive and reckless define her a little better, myself. And I agree that the whole "running off to be with a boy you've never even seen before" shtick seems kinda tired, but... teens are like that. I still remember when everything was an earth-shattering event, when one day after kissing a girl it seemed like she would be the mother of all my children and we'd be together forever and all that jazz. Kids, they're an unruly bunch.

    I love the latest Disney animated releases, as well (although, I'm partial to Tangled, even if the title could have been simply Rapunzel, for all I care) and I hope they keep up the good streak.

    And my son will be named...

    wait for it...


    Geeky enough for ya?

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