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Conversation Between raile and supernaps
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  1. supernaps
    2011-11-12 13:20
    All right, imma remember my yahooim again and see you there.
  2. raile
    2011-11-12 13:09
    But...but...all my chat logs are there. D8
    Well, I did try to get into MSN but for some freaking reason, I always had a hard time logging in..>.> Got any recommendations?

    I'm not mean. I'm a lover.
  3. supernaps
    2011-11-12 13:05
    ohh, dude that's like saying you still use internet explorer, COME ON UPGRADE.
    Though I did have a YM once, remember that big chat with forgottendiary and all the shit and giggles about Ranka? GOOD DAYS.

    Also, stop being SO MEAN, it hurts the other people, huuuum.
  4. raile
    2011-11-12 13:01
    I exist in YM (due to very hard-to-kill habits ).

    Of course they're mad~

    We're awesome.

  5. supernaps
    2011-11-07 12:35
    Also, dude pop on messenger some more or smth.

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