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Conversation Between raile and wisteria233
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  1. wisteria233
    2011-04-06 12:58
    Yeah hopefully.
  2. raile
    2011-04-06 12:54
    Let's hope someone will use their Translate-Fu for us.
  3. wisteria233
    2011-04-06 12:51
    Yeah I think you should don't be shy.

    I know where are coming from but still...
  4. raile
    2011-04-06 12:47
    raile you suppose I should post the impressions on the board for someone to translate? I'm a bit wary to do so...

    Ugh, I know the feeling too.
    But still I just empathize with both girls. I can see where they are both coming from is all.
  5. wisteria233
    2011-04-06 12:43
    I actually never liked Mitsuki just based on principal alone as a female, who went through the situation of liking the same guy as my best friend. Finding out the alternate route just made it worse for me.

    I wish i could read Japanese.
  6. raile
    2011-04-06 12:38
    I only base my opinions on the anime, not the game (as I haven't played it). I like both girls after all.

    Oh and I was visiting the blog of one of my favorite doujinkas (he/she's never disappointed me before), and she wrote her thoughts/impressions on the light novel. Perhaps it is different from the opinions on Amazon, and it might have some useful information. In any case, here it is if you wanna take a look at it.

    Spoiler for Japanese text:
  7. wisteria233
    2008-12-27 22:32
    have a happy new year
  8. raile
    2008-12-23 23:13
    Merry xmas! Xdd

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