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Conversation Between ryuukazi and SweetHoney
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  1. SweetHoney
    2009-06-02 16:25
    I've been sick, my sister is in hospital and drama's at school that now are involving the police.

    But I can't complain people have it worse then me


    Wub chuu Ryu Ryu <3
  2. ryuukazi
    2009-06-02 14:23
    why not so good?
  3. SweetHoney
    2009-06-02 02:00
    Not so good~

    That's great~! I wish you a good day today~! <3

  4. ryuukazi
    2009-06-02 01:06
    am fine, how have you been ???
  5. SweetHoney
    2009-06-01 06:06
    Ryuu Ryuu?

    I'd like..Nah joking~!

    How are you recently?
  6. SweetHoney
    2009-03-22 06:58
    Yup! it's here if you wish to see the trailer :3
  7. ryuukazi
    2009-03-16 00:55
    hehe glad youve been fine, a trailer for your fantic you say? Sounds interesting cant wait <3
  8. SweetHoney
    2009-03-15 07:56
    Eh, you made me feel bad just then x.x

    Sorry >.<! *hugs and kisses* That's great you've been good :3

    I've been great~! Alot of ups and down moments but I'm still living

    Also found out alot about myself to (during my long break from Animesuki that is)

    Oh btw you're SOTM sig od Lelouch is way awesome!! ^-^

    Well talk to you later!! (It's a bit late here and I just finished doing a trailer for my fanfic)

    Good Night (Or Morning/Evening)
  9. ryuukazi
    2009-03-15 05:34
    you only stop by too ask me for sigs, i feel used

    hehe j/k i've been fine how have you been?
  10. SweetHoney
    2009-03-14 20:29
    Ryuu Ryuu,

    If you have spare time. I posted up a sig request in the request thread. If you could take a jab at it, it would be great.

    Sooo, how have you been??

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