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Conversation Between ryuukazi and Marina
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  1. Marina
    2008-12-25 00:56
    Little Christmas pressie waiting for you in my thread >.<
  2. ryuukazi
    2008-12-09 01:05
    thanks marina <3 very cool website
  3. Marina
    2008-12-08 02:11
    found another neat image search at Sagubooru
  4. Marina
    2008-12-04 05:18
    that's scary...I went there and typed stocks too...I yelped in surprise! I would say your searches need more specificity
  5. ryuukazi
    2008-12-03 12:49
    hehe np <3

    i went to danbooru and typed stocks, didnt read all of your comment.... needless to say i was in for a surprise
  6. Marina
    2008-12-03 07:51
    of course I like it silly I was surprised that you actually did it!
    I shall be using it as soon as I'm done with my current set that I just made ^_^
    sankyu sankyu! *hug*
  7. ryuukazi
    2008-12-03 06:33
    nah I normally use Stocks from Planet renders/Anime Renders but am looks for more fresh HQ stuff, its hard to find a site with quite a few

    heres a giftie for you
  8. Marina
    2008-12-03 05:42
    do you go image hunting at danbooru much? They have some gems there, just gotta go digging and put up with some of the more unappetizing and sexual images
    Where do you get most of your stock?

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