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Conversation Between Nya~n and RadiantBeam
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  1. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-28 14:04
    Haha, if you say so. ^^ Still, thanks anyway. This always happens when Demi and I post in the same thread. >>;;;
  2. Nya~n
    2009-12-28 14:02
    Don't sweat it. 'sides, i think they're tsun for me.

  3. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-28 13:59
    Thank you for helping me out in the movie thread. I appreciate it. Sorry I got this whole thing going.
  4. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-19 11:44
    *looks at your avatar, chuckles, and dives back into the movie thread*
  5. Nya~n
    2009-12-19 11:42
    =3well the source materials were to work with in the first place, so... PROFIT!
  6. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-19 11:38
    That avatar is deserving of trappy love. *nod nod* I look at it to make myself laugh when I'm going through the movie thread.
  7. Nya~n
    2009-12-19 11:38
    it's so cute, isn't it? AX did it for me after i made a request. i offered him some trappy love, but he declined )=
  8. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-19 11:32
    I can't stop staring at your avatar...... o_O
  9. RadiantBeam
    2009-06-19 06:58

    Uh... I'm sorry about Ley (the guy who keeps posting crazy ideas in the Nanoha fiction section). I've been telling him for awhile now that he needs to actually post something concrete, but he doesn't listen.

    So... I'm sorry if he's annoying you. I'll talk to him some more.

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