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Conversation Between OtseisRagnarok and BlackNhite
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  1. BlackNhite
    2009-01-27 19:40
    I do want to see Spiderman 4. Just becuase they had one utter collapse doesn't mean I've sworn off the series, why else wuld I also be hyped for the new X-Men?

    Just finished watching Resident Evil: Degneration. Quaint I suppose, Leon doing Parkour... they just wanted to take a hash at the RE4 vets with that one...

    I also got a peak at RE5 from the Special Features; Wesker's back as a main villian and it looks like the co-op play rumours were true, Chris has a partner now.
  2. OtseisRagnarok
    2009-01-27 19:36
    Well, movie seems like a good plan. The plotline seems a little contrived, to say the least. It was a re-hash of the original, hoping to get some of the old magic back. Am I right in my assumption?
    The action being good comes as no surprise, though. I don't understand how you can look forward to a sequel, though. It's like saying you want to see Spiderman 4.
  3. BlackNhite
    2009-01-27 19:31
    The thing about Ressurection... well, for one it was an actual movie rather than a series so the time constarnts were even tighter. Mostly though... it's not worth buying. The plot is barely half the raw-ness of the original; I expected this to focus on Afro taking responsibility as the world's number 1 warrior but that pretty much became a side-story with the main focus being Afro trying to reclaim the #2 headband so that he can fight the chick who stole the #1 headband from him and kept going on about ressurecting and torturing his father.

    The action had it's points, particularly the fight with the three cyborgs and Afro's brush with the "current" Number 2 who I'm fairly certain had Gaara's voice actor (so yeah, Sand Coffin vs Sam Jackson). Overall, hit and miss.

    The best part bad as it sounds was the ending; even with such a botched plot things tied up fairly well and they have room to make another sequel with how odd that last shot of the movie was...

    Rental, no purchase: final verdict.
  4. OtseisRagnarok
    2009-01-27 17:48
    Sweet, sweet. How was AS?
  5. BlackNhite
    2009-01-26 17:41
    Shit, I just got back, sorry I didn't see that note you left on my page until just now...
    I did find the Powrpuff Girls Full Edition and ten bucks cheaper than in that spot I scope out in Jersey. Unfortunately, they were short on One Piece Third Voyage but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise: I got that CG Resident Evil movie from Capcom and I'll probaby be watching it soo enough.
    Also, last night, I caught Afro Samurai: Ressurection.
  6. OtseisRagnarok
    2009-01-26 13:51
    Sounds lovely. See about that Batman Box set while you're at it.
  7. BlackNhite
    2009-01-25 15:45
    Oh, another Himizu chapter is out in case you're not aware.
    I went off the an F.Y.E. my mom knows in Jersey and they have both One Piece Third Voyage and the Powerpuff Girls Collection. Tomorrow, I'm off to Best Buy to waste those gift cards!
  8. OtseisRagnarok
    2009-01-21 18:40
    About fuckin time...
  9. BlackNhite
    2009-01-21 18:38
    Oi, Onar, a new chapter of Himizu is out.
  10. OtseisRagnarok
    2008-12-28 12:38
    Bad-asssed. Let m know when epies come out.

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