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Conversation Between OtseisRagnarok and SuigetsuKun
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  1. SuigetsuKun
    2010-03-21 16:57
    How are you?
  2. SuigetsuKun
    2008-12-22 13:35
    You're gonna wake up early? What's that? Who cares about Christmas presents? It's about being together, having a nice dinner and of course celebrating. It's not about expensive gifts.
  3. OtseisRagnarok
    2008-12-22 13:32
    Yup... I think I was right on that one.
  4. SuigetsuKun
    2008-12-22 11:30
    Oh, you're creative. You know, I just wanted to make clear that I'm native. I am the original and he's a copy. My style is subliminal, and his is sloppy. I'm a blue ray disc and he's a floppy.
  5. OtseisRagnarok
    2008-12-22 10:46
    lol, I guess someone's carbonated today?
  6. SuigetsuKun
    2008-12-22 10:45
    Yeah, you got it!
    The original is unmatched. Comparing with me might be a little far-fetched. You try to fight me with your sword, but it's double-edged and you stab into your own heart. I am perfume, you are a wet fart. Comparing with me is a capital sin. Do me the gyro and spin, spin, spin. =D
  7. OtseisRagnarok
    2008-12-21 12:32
    Ah. Well, I'm sure, when compared to the original, no clone could ever suffice.
  8. SuigetsuKun
    2008-12-20 17:11
    He has no potential ^^
  9. OtseisRagnarok
    2008-12-20 15:16
    We haven't seen his potential...?
  10. SuigetsuKun
    2008-12-20 15:07
    I mean he's like Itachi compared with Kakashi when you're talking about Sharingan...

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