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Conversation Between OtseisRagnarok and SOJC
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  1. OtseisRagnarok
    2008-11-24 10:09
    Well, geometry isn't for everyone... Algebra's like a puzzle, and puzzles are fun.
  2. SOJC
    2008-11-22 17:34
    Yeah, I'm pretty much the same, I've always been better at algebra than geometry...
  3. OtseisRagnarok
    2008-11-22 10:08
    I never really did well in graphing.... *shudders* I'm more the "here are your numbers, do this" kind of guy.
  4. SOJC
    2008-11-21 16:15
    The Lorenz Attractor is one of my favourite mathematical figures...probably one of the main things that made me want to do's a 3D graph that is often thought to model the weather(although strictly speaking it's far too simple) and never does it intersect itself, it's amazing...
    And it's produced by solving 3 simple looking differential equations...
  5. OtseisRagnarok
    2008-11-21 10:08
    No problems there; Us math-geeks gotta stick together, huh?
  6. SOJC
    2008-11-20 17:36
    Thanks for the request...
  7. OtseisRagnarok
    2008-11-20 16:29
    Hey, I can't believe I haven't done this sooner....

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