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Conversation Between OtseisRagnarok and Rinji
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  1. OtseisRagnarok
    2009-01-11 14:12
    Well, I know that I wantthis to be similar to our world, but not quite. I want a more modern setting. Animals? Well, I have the idea for an ice elemental Polar Bear.... I think that we'll go with regular animals, but some of them can use elements...
    Really, I want this to be just like the real world, mainly because of how I want this to start out, with my character in a restaurant, messing with the employees. (obviously enough, most NPC's don't have powers...)

    I don't think I can stress it enough that this is the real world.
  2. Rinji
    2009-01-10 22:25
    Oh dude, I'm with you all the way. So if you want to I'll draw up the factions and teams of all of the elementals, abilities, fighting styles, technology, and misc. stuff like that. I need you to help me figure out the actual surrounding world, terrains, species of animals (they can be normal animals with a few of your own special kind thrown in there if you'd like, or you can go all normal or all weird, whatever you'd like). I give you full creative freedom in this case, and any other part of the RPG you'd like. Just gimme some of your ideas you'd like to add and we'll start working.
  3. OtseisRagnarok
    2009-01-10 20:04
    If I really have to make it happen myself, I will. You don't have anything?
  4. Rinji
    2009-01-09 12:54
    Not so good dude, it's starting to look like the RPG isn't going to happen, I mean Arceon had some good ideas, but now she's just not talking to me at all. So I can only assume that she has lost interest... not that she sounded all that interested in the first place. So unless you want to sit down at the drawing board with me and draw up some specks, I think this chapter is basically done for.
  5. OtseisRagnarok
    2009-01-07 19:59
    It was so obvious...
    How's everything going so far?
  6. Rinji
    2009-01-07 01:28
    Hey, I wasn't the one who brought up the X-Men... Super Heroes is just an interesting genre... I don't specifically prefer it.
  7. OtseisRagnarok
    2009-01-06 18:56
    True enough.
    Although you seeem to have a hard-on for superheroes...
  8. Rinji
    2009-01-06 14:48
    Hey as long as it has nostalgia, that's a plus there.
  9. OtseisRagnarok
    2009-01-05 19:18
    Well, not so much neutral, as I want my guy, the villan to be a third party.
    I'm getting a serious X-men vibe here...
  10. Rinji
    2009-01-05 12:54
    Yeah, I know what you mean dude, I've been having to deal with a virus for the past three days and I haven't been able to get on either, but, like you, I should be stable soon. And yes, a nigh-modern setting sounds good. With RARE bits of technology floating around the land. First thing's first, we need factions, teams. Not that we're going to force people to be part of a team, you have the option of being neutral. We can branch off from there.

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