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Conversation Between LovePhoenix and Aya_Lyka
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  1. Aya_Lyka
    2008-11-26 11:25
    well "love" is a competition and to reach the top you need to face different challenges. i have passed many challenges but i still ended being single. and duh, your still like 12 or 13 trust me you will meet more mature and really cute guys along the way.
  2. LovePhoenix
    2008-11-26 10:51
    Thanks Aya but no, he wasn't. Actually, the days before he was very nice to me and acted kindly to me. He actually kept comforting me because I was a bit down at the time. But yeah, I guess you are right. But I really love him. T.T
  3. Aya_Lyka
    2008-11-26 03:12
    What the ****, the Nerve of that guy to dump you without any reason. did he have someone? like has he been cold to you days before he dumped you, or has he been acting strangely theres something fishy here. but anyway just stay cool maybe you two weren't just ment for each other, i mean there are many fishes under the sea, much more cuter fishes under the sea
  4. LovePhoenix
    2008-11-25 10:44
    He told me he no longer loves me although he gave me no reason.
  5. Aya_Lyka
    2008-11-25 03:27
    oh, thats sad. why whats the reason?
  6. LovePhoenix
    2008-11-24 10:44
    I broke up with my bf. T.T
  7. Aya_Lyka
    2008-11-24 09:12
    0o0oh why what happened?
  8. LovePhoenix
    2008-11-23 11:15
    Hey, Aya. I am pretty (somewhat) down at the moment but I am glad to see you. ^^
  9. Aya_Lyka
    2008-11-22 21:08
    hey, so how's it going?
  10. LovePhoenix
    2008-11-20 10:48
    Hey there, Aya. ^^

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