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Conversation Between RAVNEN and Sesshomaru22
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  1. Sesshomaru22
    2008-12-15 17:15
    Oh, Okay. I see. Thank you!
    2008-12-15 04:29
    The AoE (Area of Effect) power can effect multiple enemy in a single area.For example the Detonation & Gathered Bolt,both of them are in Combat Magic Powers.Use this kind of power to take out large group of enemy & is very usefull to take out the crawlers.The spell infomation can be view at Specialties category in Character Window.

    The power at the bottom of the screen is the power that your group have at the moment.For example if one the team members has Detonation power,the power will be available at the bottom.
  3. Sesshomaru22
    2008-12-15 00:01
    Question...what are the area powers? Are they the ones that are usually on the bottom of the screen?
    2008-12-14 07:45
    WTM,now I know how to defeat the Familiar Surgeon.It will be a hardwork from the guide i see.The Surgeon primarily use death magic againts you.So beef or upgrade your death magic resistance would be great.Remember the Surgeon summon the crawlers from the two pool regerate himself.
    Unload high-damage, single target powers on it, then attack it. Keep one area power in reserve.Keep the Surgeon away from the pool & take out the crawlers with AoE spells when you have the chances.
    The key is keep the crawlers away from the Surgeon then Surgeon would be vulnerable & easy to take out.If you use trainer that has god mode just keep banging the Surgeon & keep the crawlers away from him.
    2008-12-14 07:19
    It must be the Questionable Methods quest,if i remember correctly the player need to a child tear,blood from ten Elves,bind Lorethals soul & speak to Lorethal's spirit.Then you must be infront of the Sepulcher of the Crimson Hunters.Player are require to defeat the First Surgeon.
  6. Sesshomaru22
    2008-12-14 07:01
    It's the first Familiar Surgeon, actually. Yeah, I use some cheats, but...not trainers.
    2008-12-14 06:59
    Yeah,sometime the walkthroughs can be so confusing.Actually what part is it,the Part 2, Chapter 3: The Second Familiar Surgeon level?
    Some people use what I called backdoor entrance aka trainers & cheat.I have strict code,which is I only use trainers & cheat when I've finish the game.
  8. Sesshomaru22
    2008-12-14 06:49
    Yeah, I've read through walkthroughs and's soo confusing. Like, they tell you to kill the crawlers first, then get the Surgeon guy into the corner or away from the pools that the crawlers come out of...My brother is a genius at video games, but...he couldn't figure out how to get past this part.
    2008-12-14 06:47
    I've already forgot how on earth I get past that guy.It's been a year since I last play Broken World.
    Maybe you can search some mission guide at
    They usually has some info & guide.
  10. Sesshomaru22
    2008-12-14 05:57
    Hey! I was did you get past the first Surgeon guy in Broken World? I'm soo lost, it's not even funny!

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