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Conversation Between Lie and dec4rhapsody
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  1. Lie
    2009-01-07 20:37
    Because we got jipped again!?
  2. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-07 20:22
    After the lulz I found my mood todally ruined today...
  3. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-07 04:04
    As for "Why could they not have that in there?" question...
    GEEZ, that would have made RuruKare canon.
  4. Lie
    2009-01-07 02:23
    I think so. I am channelling Loli!
    I want the original Code Geass too!
    Not the fanservice R2.
  5. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-07 02:18
    Are you suddenly occupied by Loli?

    I want the Original Code Geass with Stage 26...
    No R2 plz.
  6. Lie
    2009-01-07 02:15
    Some? They had a lot of undertones!
    If Lelouch had gotten the chance and not been INTERUPTED! at every chance
    We would have had a luluko.
    Turn 7 no rolo -> luluko.
    Turn 9 no C.C. -> luluko.
    Turn 19 no Order stupids -> luluko.
    Turn 22 + bed -> luluko.
    They jipped us!
    I want the original R2 where Turn 7 would have gone as intended!
  7. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-07 02:10
    And their kiss was ecchi (sorta), lol.
    Turn 2 remark+Turn 7 request+Turn 9 accident
    good, all of them had at least *some* undertones...

    Not surprised, it's kallen the erorist after all....
  8. Lie
    2009-01-07 02:01

    That's the wonder of rurukare, he returned her kiss and he wanted her and he would have done it with her. 中途半端 is because there was no time.
    If order had not betrayed it would have been smexy smexy raburabu!
  9. dec4rhapsody
    2009-01-07 01:55
    LOL, he was sure what she meant to him, and she is sorta sure what he meant to her.
    No romance crap no 中途半端 and no zurui.
    I'm the Do-S who refuses to judge relationship by how "raburabu" or "dokidoki" they are. It's HOW THEY HURT EACH OTHER and HOW THAT HURTS THEMSELVES that counts.
    LOL, just as my CluClu roomie said, no romantic love no hurt.
  10. Lie
    2009-01-07 01:52
    Was that case he was not even half?

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