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Conversation Between Lie and dec4rhapsody
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  1. dec4rhapsody
    2009-02-12 08:58
    I am loling when i see the same people who said that "we do not know what lulu's omoi was" are desparately attacking the poem in which Kallen finally says it.
  2. Lie
    2009-02-11 22:11
    me too.
    i am just getting a little exhausted of the fandom especially here
    people want info info info info but question it again and again
    then they don't even remember the info they requested
  3. dec4rhapsody
    2009-02-11 01:23
    I miss the good old days with debates and stuff (well, that was only 2 days ago...)
  4. Lie
    2009-02-10 07:55
    I would make aggresive anti-ruruc posts but I don't have to any more.
    rurushir might call for it when I get fed up of ruruc fans just propping it up
    bug our mutual f(r)iend about aggresive posts
  5. dec4rhapsody
    2009-02-10 03:46
    maa, it's just that I'll miss u and ur agressive posts, lol...
  6. Lie
    2009-02-09 19:36
    I don't have much left to do in the the fanbase.
    I just fight the thing I dislike.

    Is that bad of me?
  7. dec4rhapsody
    2009-02-09 13:06
    Hey, it seems you only come here to fight against Kagino recently~
  8. dec4rhapsody
    2009-02-08 04:16
    My lylefeldt! My AlleMarie!
    I sorta hate this episode...
  9. Lie
    2009-02-06 11:52
    Gomen, busy.
    Only have time for one two posts.
    When will you be drawing me rurukare doujinshi?
  10. dec4rhapsody
    2009-02-05 01:54
    I mean, everything before Turn 11 were the good old rurukare days...
    Oh, BTW, I've joined a circle that makes 男性向け original AVG.
    Hopefully I can do sth this time (practice practice practice).
    LOL, and the circle plans to sell its game in C7X or C8X?
    I can dream, ne?

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