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Conversation Between Lie and blottyparchment
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  1. blottyparchment
    2009-09-18 12:56
    I have disappeared from the face of the net for so long.
    Good luck on your own thesis too!
  2. Lie
    2009-09-03 15:40
    I hope your thesis is going well!
  3. Lie
    2009-08-24 11:33
    I have been well, you?
    I have been studying for too many tests and now I have started researching and studying for my own thesis and paper.
    I have not had time to talk to many people at all.
    I will try and keep you company.
  4. blottyparchment
    2009-08-12 01:28
    I've been missing too. How are you?
    Well, I'm not doing much studying aside from my thesis, yet I can't find as much time as usual to visit the forums. It's gotten a bit lonely here, since people are disappearing one by one.
  5. Lie
    2009-08-04 14:41
    I was hunted down for being missing.
    How have you been?
    I have been engrossed in studying and if I disappear again that is where I would be.
  6. blottyparchment
    2009-03-21 04:35
    Lie, kuクランプにちょっとイライラする。。。最新画像を見た?
  7. blottyparchment
    2009-02-16 02:23
    Lie-san, do you where there are japanese fanart sites/fansites for shoujo manga (LaLa, Margaret, Hana to Yume, etc.) like Vampire Knight, Akuma to Love Song, Mei-chan no Shitsuju...? Is there something similar to geass-search 00-search? I've been searching high and low...
  8. blottyparchment
    2009-02-10 08:56
    Sou ka. I'll keep that in mind.

    Ah, Kallen-tan ka-wa-ii!
    They should have sold something like that earlier.
    And lol at this:
    Do you have access to Yoru no Sunrise?
  9. Lie
    2009-02-10 07:58
    the icon is from Guild Wars
    its not a game I have ever played
    there are but they might be a bit harder to just visit.
    Usually tourists just go to the love temples or the more open buddhist or shinto temples.
    When you go to the bigger temples bring a big wallet
    there are many little stores along that sell just about anything
  10. blottyparchment
    2009-02-10 07:15
    Yoshi. Are there zen temples around Kansai?
    Oh, I meant to ask for the longest time. What game is your icon from?

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