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Conversation Between Lie and Xander
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  1. Lie
    2009-02-05 10:11
    iirc it was in one of the newtype materials.
    theres so much stuff out now I can't keep track of it all
    but this was released in one of the magazines in an interview where they discussed what they had originally planned
    it falls as Kallen gets confronted by her father and she is forced to change sides and fight Lelouch.
    the idea was scrapped though when R2 got changed so much that the action did not fit anymore.
    this is where the ideas of her being brainwashed at the time were popping up from.
  2. Xander
    2009-02-04 22:52
    Lie, if I can bother you for one minute...I am really curious about what was intended for Kallen's father.

    If you read the Kallen thread this came up there earlier, but nobody really explained where that came from so I just assumed it to be true during the discussion. Now you mentioned it again, which makes me wonder...where did you find it and is there more information?

    Of course, I have to agree that idea would have been a million times better than wasting time with Gino, and it is not of much use now, but it seems interesting.

    I don't really want to create a problem for you, it's just one question that I think is fairly natural.

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