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Conversation Between TerranReaper and Evil Rick
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  1. TerranReaper
    2009-11-11 23:37
    Heh, just a joke. Christmas is coming next and I have so mush to do even if it is still November. Busy finishing up my finals (hopefully I don't flunk any subjects) and then, it's freedom for me until next February.
  2. Evil Rick
    2009-11-10 23:43
    Evil Rick
    Of course your name isn't James Freeman, you're not from Australia and for sure your eyes haven't been modified with advanced genetic.

    We're speaking of fiction characters after all.
  3. TerranReaper
    2009-11-10 21:07
    My name isn't really James Freeman but is he related to Gordon Freeman ?
  4. Evil Rick
    2009-11-08 23:34
    Evil Rick
    Terran Reaper's bio is now available at the Master Liught Thread.
  5. TerranReaper
    2009-10-23 10:34
    Yo Rick, how is this for an improved drawing?
  6. Evil Rick
    2009-10-13 11:30
    Evil Rick
    Yay! My first multilanguage greetings.

    Thanks a lot!
  7. TerranReaper
    2009-10-13 05:12
    Well I'll be, Evil Rick is one year older. In Malaysia, we say happy birthday as "Selamat Hari Jadi". Cheers mate.
  8. TerranReaper
    2009-10-12 19:03
    If anyone is starting a manga our doujinshi team, I'd be happy to return. I may not be good in drawing but I can offer to help with the storyline. Also, consider me if you want military weapons drawn. I draw some nice-looking guns.
  9. Evil Rick
    2009-10-12 11:23
    Evil Rick
    Hello there! I'm sending you this message because you haven't been active at the artists alike and from afar group or at least ion the last jams.

    I'd like to bring you an invitation to join us not only at the contest (Which theme this month is Mecha/ Cyborg) but also to our other projects like the Add to that collective drawings and our current discussion in order to start a m,anga team project.

    Hope you gte some time in the future to visit us or juts lurk around the group.
  10. TerranReaper
    2009-10-04 00:13
    Hey hey, now this is interesting. I'm looking forward to your next chapter

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