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Conversation Between MisterJB and Nixl
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  1. Nixl
    2012-01-17 19:11
    Yep, keeps me up raging some nights.
  2. MisterJB
    2012-01-17 17:05
    Ah, pointless, contrived, insulting, cruel, there are so many adjectives I could use. Due to lack of time, I believe I will limit myself to one.
  3. Nixl
    2012-01-08 17:38
    Hell no, the Sith Emperor was a character only introduced for TOR. He has no presence in Kotor 1 or 2. Worse of all, Bioware stated that the only reason Revan turned Sith was because the Sith Emperor told him to. That's it, Revan was told to be evil. Kreia in Kotor 2 paints this amazing picture of Revan as a force user than rises above mere labels of Jedi or Sith. Kotor 2 characterizes Revan as a scary badass, where as TOR makes him into a whiny mullet man that the Sith Emperor molested with the dark side. A complete waste.

    Even worse is that Revan was kept alive for 300 years by the Sith Emperor with alchemy, only to be killed by 4 randoms with cheesy dialogue. I swear the only reason I think Revan is in TOR is so that BW can preemptively kill any chance of a true Kotor 3.
  4. MisterJB
    2012-01-08 01:38
    Tell me about it. It's mind bogglingly stupid. Trading Revan, a character many were quite attached to and would gladly spend money on, for your run of the mill Emperor that has zero noteworthy traits to distinguish him from the other thousands of Evil Emperors out there.
    Maybe I'm just late to the party. Have the fans been demanding for years a confrontation with the Sith Emperor?
  5. Nixl
    2012-01-03 18:00
    Hehe, I just saw your post on Ryus' wall over how terribly Bioware handled Revan in TOR. Bioware should just have ignored Kotor 1/2 all together if they were just going to make it a side note. Instead, they essentially made sure no one could ever do another Kotor. Now we are all stuck with TOR's conclusion of the story and...its writing.

    Also, this link is the entire reason Kotor 2 was retconned and why Revan was turned into a uncharismatic weak mullet man. All so that Bioware could make this,
  6. MisterJB
    2011-10-25 13:52
    You're welcome.
  7. Nixl
    2011-10-24 15:49
    Thanks JB! That's precisely the type of review I've been looking for. To be honest, I like Obsidian stories and characters, but generally the gameplay is imbalanced. They always seem to take on rather ambitious projects, which end up never being completely finished. Nonetheless, the game sounds fun and intriguing. Thanks again.
  8. MisterJB
    2011-10-23 23:46
    Sorry to intrude but I noticed your conversation with Ryus, in particular, your question about Alpha Protocol's quality. Well, it just so happens that I did a more thourough analysis of the game some time ago. It's here if you want it
    Spoiler for Alpha Protocol:
  9. Nixl
    2010-08-31 09:27
    I see, interesting. Thanks for the info JB.
  10. MisterJB
    2010-08-31 09:25
    They looked a bit decayed but that was all

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