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Conversation Between MisterJB and shelter
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  1. MisterJB
    2010-09-10 19:39
    It seemed to me that Miria was under the mind control until the very last second so, awakening is probrably out of question. A theory that I have is that maybe all of it, including her death, was only an illusion meant to break Miria's mind thus making her docile enough to be experimented upon.
    So, basically, an illusion inside of an illusion.

    Well, it won't be long until we get another character who has a real problem with the Organization. If so far, Tabitha had only rebelled because of Miria, now she's really going to want revenge.
    Ah, the tougth of Tabitha becoming Clare version 2 makes me cringe. She already has little personality.

    Frankly, I think Yagi tried to "jump the shark. It would be a waste to have the manga end so soon without even witnessing the war in the Mainland.
    Which would actually be a good theme for Yagi's next manga.
  2. shelter
    2010-09-09 11:27
    Hmmm... I like the points that you made. Which is probably why the other Miria fans were so angry when I was posting on the Chapter 107 thread.

    But I do like the point out 2 things (not being an apologist for Yagi because Miria's fall to 'mind control' is a bit of bad form):

    1) Even though the ending scene in Chapter is really a one-sided bloodbath, there are still possibilities for Miria to return either via awakening, or perhaps some other trump card that's not yet revealed. You've probably speculated this already. I'm not trying to second-guess Yagi because - between the two of us - it would seem extremely senseless to kill off the only character that has a real problem with the Organization. Without Miria, there's no need to even consider the fall of the Organization, which would make it a Bleach-like plot bunny without a conclusion.

    2) I believe that Claymore fandom has reached a kind of critical mass, and I feel that Yagi devoted 1 entire chapter to Miria's fall to deliberately solicit some kind of reaction from the fans. Again, you've probably thought of this too. It's possible that with the mad, mad world of the Claymore manga, Yagi may be killing off key characters to usher in the ending of the manga. Or, alternatively, he's doing the exact opposite of Bleach & Naruto, by driving the manga via the plot instead of one orange-haired character. Either way, it's a messy way to do it.

    Anyhow, I feel that when it comes to discussing characters, it's useful to take a step & see what the author's intentions are. A Claymore without Miria is like Bleach without Byakuya. It alienates an entire fan base, and pisses off the fanfic writers. So there'll be an explanation, or a resolution. Wait for it in the coming chapters.
  3. MisterJB
    2010-09-05 20:02
    Well, if I had to describe this chapter in one word, it would have to be “painful”, it angers and saddens me.
    Apparently, not content with simply killing her by plot induced stupidity and through illusions ( I would rather call it, mind control, otherwise, how can we even explain Miria failing to realize that she herself had killed Hilda years ago) that not even Aizen could hope to pull off , Yagi had to completely humiliate Miria. Those last moments, where she kneeled, smiled, cried and even begged for “Hilda” to stop chopping her to bits and recognize her, were a complete degradation of Miria’s character and everything she had accomplished during the manga.
    Frankly, it did not come as a surprise, oh no, after the revelation of a “trump card” it was very obvious that Miria was doomed. However, never would I have guessed that this was how everything was to end.
    The only good thing that can be said about it is that at least it was made very clear that Miria only failed because of compassion. Had she acted like a soldier and killed all those that opposed her on her way to Rimuto’s throne room, she would still alive. And it would even have been logic; by sacrificing this generation of warriors, she could have destroyed the Organization and prevented more suffering.
  4. shelter
    2010-09-04 08:01
    Any personal thoughts on Chapter 107? Especially since you're probably the biggest Miria fan I know.
  5. shelter
    2010-04-29 10:11
    Hi MisterJB,

    This is regarding the Siege. If you don't mind, I'll be posting it up on my site. I know by right I should wait for you to submit your part to me, but I owe it to my other beta to get the work out. If you have any thoughts, just email/ PM me on Animesuki.

    I'd like to finally put it online after several months. Thanks
  6. MisterJB
    2010-03-13 21:05
    Thank you very much tough I do believe Zu Ra and MAQI posts the best pics.

    Well, it's gone now.XD
  7. shelter
    2010-03-13 07:18
    Cheers to the the best poster of Bleach pics & the reigning Claymore beta

    Happy birthday

    (and hopefully you haven't got a hangover when reading this)
  8. MisterJB
    2010-02-24 15:54
    Yeah, sorry for taking so long. I've been really busy. Don't worry about bugging me.

    Anyway, it is almost done. I've already correctd all mistakes that I could notice (there weren't a lot) and I just need to write my a more detailed impression on the whole thing. It should be ready before friday.
  9. shelter
    2010-02-24 10:34
    Sorry to bug you - but you done with "Siege" yet? Haha... I might have more stuff I want you to look through, for both Claymore & Bleach..
  10. shelter
    2010-02-02 11:28
    I think the drawing is really good.

    But then I scrolled down & whoa - and she even put a link to the fic. I don't know whether to be flattered or anything. But this reminds me that the Claymore community isn't dead yet.

    Will go back to write more fics. I aim to write at least 2 for 2010.

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