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Conversation Between MisterJB and hell88
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  1. hell88
    2009-06-14 16:36
    Yeah that is the pic I was talking about.
  2. hell88
    2009-06-14 16:33
    I noticed the name first, its just juggled up letters of his DA name. Plus that avatar he had first was one of his pics, and I noticed when it was posted in the image thread with his DA name on it. I wonder how long it will be before he gets banned again, I also wonder how many different computers he uses because of how many IP addresses he ends up going through as the mods keep banning him.
  3. MisterJB
    2009-06-14 16:33
    you know, I think Dietrich posted the G x F pic you talked me about
  4. MisterJB
    2009-06-14 14:47
    How can you tell, hell?

    I guess that name is a bit uncreative.
  5. hell88
    2009-06-14 12:47
    Snider is back. Pretty sure Xcmreo is him.
  6. hell88
    2009-03-28 16:41
    All I can say about him is who cares, people like him must have a lot of enemies. He did send me several PM's during that time saying things to me, which I outwitted in every way and pretty much hurt him mentally, and pretty bad too I think. Thats why in the image thread he would never shut up about it, while posting things about me when I wasn't around. Well I got back at him for those too.

    Anyway, the amv you made would be cool if you put some rock song in it instead of that Disney song. Maybe you should try that and see what it would be like.

    BTW, my spring break was two weeks ago lol. Doesn't matter I still had to work and go to my classes in college. Guess this must be the time of your spring break, well enjoy I guess.
  7. MisterJB
    2009-03-28 06:54
    really? I didn't know that. I guess he just wants some attention as he clearly was expecting us to beg him for that colored pic.
    I don't mind bad reviews on AMV or fanfiction. It helps me to improve so I wasn't the one who deleted that message. What I found funny was that some days after that flamewar, he sent me a pm trying to put me on his side and because I never answered, I guess he got pissed off at me.

    Thanks. nahh nothig really serious. If I wanted to make it serious I wouldn't have used a Disney song

    BTW, have a nice springbreak
  8. hell88
    2009-03-26 17:28
    Yes well, somebody insulted him on Then he insulted a couple of other writers that had nothing to do with what was said to him, and it made a lot of people angry including me. So in a way it wasn't just me here at animesuki that pissed him off, it was a lot of other people too from other places that he has pissed off as well. I don't know what he said to you on your amv that you made because you had already deleted his message by the time I saw the video.

    Well now that I brought that up, your amv was... different... Well it was put together good, but I would have chosen a different song. The song you used made it comical even though I think you were trying to make a serious amv. Or I could be wrong, I laughed at the part where Undine sounds like a little girl. Lol
  9. MisterJB
    2009-03-25 19:10
    dude, you are actually right. Snider has a shitty personality. Apparently, he doesn't get that insulting people will make them turn against him. He should just let things go.
  10. hell88
    2009-02-25 14:33
    Thats from the Ride The Lightning album, it was released around the mid 80's.

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