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Conversation Between MisterJB and Midori-chan89
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  1. MisterJB
    2009-09-07 16:51
    You gotta read the new arc. It's very cool.

    I'm afraid I'm not continuing that one. As you see, I've come to realize that my first fanfics were awful. So, rigth now, all my writing is focused on one-shots and a Miria x Rigado fanfic.

    Thank you for asking
  2. Midori-chan89
    2009-09-07 15:29
    Thanks. My computer is finally fixed, so I hope to come here more often.

    I haven't dropped by the forums yet. I haven't read the new chapters 9last thing I read was ch89) and I don't want to spoil anything. :P I will though once I catch up. Man! I miss the fanfics, btw, I remember you wrote 1 chapter a long time ago about the gang being football players, remember it? Will you write more?
  3. MisterJB
    2009-08-25 21:37
    Hey, Midori-chan is back. You were missed.

    Thanks. You should have seen my previous one, much hotter.
    Things have changed a bit while you were gone. Lots of new members.
  4. Midori-chan89
    2009-08-25 19:43
    JB! It's been a whilllllllleeee.
    Btw, Miria x Regaldo in your avatar look hottttt. <3
  5. MisterJB
    2009-06-28 11:30
    I'm cool. Thanks.
  6. Midori-chan89
    2009-06-28 05:12
    Doing good. I missed the forums here a lot. There is so much for me to catch up with. First, I'll stalk the pictures thread. :P
    And what about you? How are you doing these days?
  7. MisterJB
    2009-06-26 19:36
    so, how you doing?
  8. MisterJB
    2009-06-23 15:53
    hey, you're still alive. Welcome back.

    Glad to know you're better.
  9. Midori-chan89
    2009-06-23 14:09
    Hiiii! It's been a long time, how are you?
    Of course I don't mind.
    && I'm much better now, I had some health problems back in February, but all is good now.
  10. MisterJB
    2009-03-10 19:28
    Hi, it' been some time. Look, I hope you don't mind if I post Yuma's birthday on I will give you credits of course.

    I hope your health improves soon.

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