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Conversation Between MisterJB and Ryus
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  1. MisterJB
    2012-01-17 20:21
    Ah, sucks. I was hoping to invite you to play ME3 multiplayer.
  2. Ryus
    2012-01-17 18:33
    No 360, my graphics cards needs an upgade to get it for pc...
  3. MisterJB
    2012-01-17 17:02
    Ah good. PC?
  4. Ryus
    2012-01-17 16:54
    I did but sadly never got around to playing it

    Was too busy trying to finish deus ex before skyrim came out and once skyrim came out lost my life to it.
  5. MisterJB
    2012-01-17 14:22
    Please tell me, did you purchase Battlefield 3?
  6. MisterJB
    2011-12-29 11:39
    Don't remind me...what a pathetic ending for one of the greatest characters this franchise ever created. And it did not need to be so. Revan spending 300 years trapped was tragic but it was not pathetic. They could have given a proper send off in TOR, making him an NPC or optional boss in the Jedi Knight story, someone who would raise very difficult questions for the players about the Jedia and what I like to call "The Gray Side of the Force", meet Satele, kick some major Sith ass, etc.

    I just want them to retcon the entirety of TOR, wouldn't be the first time.
    Give us Kotor 3, you bastards!
  7. Ryus
    2011-12-29 01:58
    Yeah, the book Revan pretty much sucked... it should have been named Scourge: Lord Retconner of KotOR 1 and 2. At least Kotor 2 gave us lots of hope of a reunion of those 2... but nope an MMO killed there future together becuase for some fuck reason it had to be set 300 years in the future for no rhyme or reason. (and yes the dialog was very limited but decent for 2003 since it was written for the original xbox and not pc)

    Well, Revan at least gets to bang Bastila a few time and knocks her up with a son... then gets turned into force food for 300 years after being "betrayed" by a sith he meet 30 seconds ago (during which time Bastila naturally dies of old age and a single jedi mom... so does his son and his son's kids too and so on etc until Satele Shan (her mother and her hidden son... all of which I assume the Sith will loot for gear soon enough))... then Revan's mind finally snaps (after he's rescued and left to his own devices after everyone is foretold he's about to go crazy ) and then he gets looted for gear by the Sith (whom he tries to convince to turn on the Emperor by shouting that he needs to be defeated and stating he's the proof of that, but not elaborating (since he's now crazy)... only to quote Darth Malak's final words as his final words when the Sith kill him then say OMG I get what you where saying now, this sucks... then explodes like Emperor Palptine)
  8. MisterJB
    2011-12-28 14:18
    Pretty much. I played the first "Knights of the Old Republic" and I liked it.
    After reading a bit more about the Canon Revan, I discovered I quite like him even if I felt that his dialogue options in the game itself were extremely limited. His ideas to reform the Jedi Order, especially, but also how he waged war against the Republic while at the same time trying to keep it as intact as possible to face the Sith Emperor.
    He is a great character and I was heartbroker by how his and Bastila's arc ends.
  9. Ryus
    2011-12-28 10:35
    Just play Kotor 1? What's with the Revan ava?
  10. Ryus
    2011-10-06 11:53
    Lolz.... failed at counting past 5 apperently

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