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Conversation Between MisterJB and Ryus
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  1. Ryus
    2011-04-19 17:28
    Yes, the new subsection is full of spam and fanservice. Just proving life is beautiful.
  2. MisterJB
    2011-04-19 16:40
    Holy Shit, Fairy Tail got a sub-section.
    And it's already full of spam and fanservice.
  3. Ryus
    2011-03-29 21:33
    Of course, Just tell me what image and the size you want it changed to and hopefully the image is of high quality so I can zoom in/out pretty high with no major quality loss.
  4. MisterJB
    2011-03-29 06:01
    Hey, would you be so kind as to resize me an image?
  5. Ryus
    2011-03-26 14:35
    Seems like a reasonable guess... though with the rate of people being one chaptered in this arc I wouldn't bet on it.
  6. MisterJB
    2011-03-26 14:02
    You don't mess around with Juvia's man-ho, biatch. Not even little children will be spared from her wrath.
    So, how many chapters until Juvia gets her ass handed to her on a plate? I'm betting two.
  7. MisterJB
    2011-02-24 20:15
    Well, aren't they witty. I swear, if Bioware delayed ME3 on purpose just so it can be released in the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 2011, I'll kill a kitten.

    BTW, have you heard about the new DLC leak?
  8. Ryus
    2011-02-24 20:10
    It's out 11/11/2011
  9. MisterJB
    2011-02-24 19:48
    The graphics are a huge improvement, that's true. However, until I see some dialogue trees or at least wheels, I'm still not getting excited about it.
    As for my Dragon slaying needs, Dragon Age 2 is rigth around the corner.
    But when is Skyrim coming out? I remember it being announced at the same time as Mass Effect 3.

    Honestly, I would prefer if Bethesda focused on the next Fallout game (not the MMORPG). I want to see Fallout: New York or Fallout: Hollywood. Huge cities and ruins, not deserts everywhere. Or at least the DLCs, not all of us own Xboxs.
  10. Ryus
    2011-02-24 16:36
    Holy Shit! New Elders Scrolls (Skyrim) looks SICK! The gameplay graphics are godly! Plus who wouldn't want to slay a dragon!!? Debating about having my first character be named Natsu and specializing in hand to hand. (Debating if serious )

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