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Conversation Between MisterJB and Ryus
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  1. MisterJB
    2009-05-01 14:55
    I talked baigeneo about that. Waiting for her answer
  2. Ryus
    2009-05-01 14:11
    Dude your right! The Curse would be all but perfect for Isley vs the Abysmal Feeders. The only problem is the song implies he will wins... Here I was thinking it was a perfect song for Clare vs Ophelia (and or others like Rigardo). However now that I think about I really really like it for Isley, at least as much any Clare vs somebody idea I've had. A lot, but not all, of the lines in the song fit Isley far better than Clare except the end which impies overcoming the challenge... It would have to be a manga music video though since clearly the Abysmal Feeders weren't in the anime.
  3. MisterJB
    2009-04-30 17:19
    You know what? I was listening The Curse and I went like "Man, this would go so well with Isley's struggle against the AFs"
  4. MisterJB
    2009-04-06 18:39
    Haunted Rocks.
    Seriously, good choice. That song is perfect

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