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Conversation Between willyvereb and Tak
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  1. Tak
    2009-12-21 17:22
    Gunparade March, it was a game released in 1999. A cult sensation really, and perhaps the best game I have ever played on my Playstation I.

    It was later turned into an anime, but the quality pale in comparison to its original source material.
  2. willyvereb
    2009-12-21 13:30
    What's your avatar now? I can't recognise the symbol. Maybe your own work?
  3. willyvereb
    2009-11-23 14:55
    willyvereb that's certainly disturbing of an avatar
    I saw it on some image sites, uhm...Terminetta?
    (Or simply Mrs. Terminator...the only person our Schwarz Terminator is scared off)
  4. Tak
    2009-08-24 07:17
    Well, the image was from Sigma issue 09.

    I don't collect any images of Tessa from other sources.
  5. willyvereb
    2009-08-24 01:16
    You mean FMP Sigma manga or similar good pictures of Tessa?

    If the later, mind it share with me? I have a quite hard time finding pictures of the non-moe Tessa.
  6. Tak
    2009-08-23 18:36
    There is more where that came from
  7. willyvereb
    2009-08-23 17:49
    Cool avatar. Tessa is awesome.
  8. Tak
    2009-07-30 16:23
    My-HiME manga, where Yuuichi had a love triangle going on with Mai and Natsuki. Oh, and here is the kicker, its done by the same writer of Macross Frontier. I think that was foreshadowing of things to come

    As for Ranka, look at how quickly she warmed up to him, and that was while Banana was being a dick!
  9. willyvereb
    2009-07-30 16:19
    Hi! I was wondering for a while. What's on your avatar? I can't recognise the manga, but it somehow seems familliar to me.
    Anyways what did you mean by the mutual feelings onRanka topic. Their affection? You're right, but Brea's still a protective siscon.
  10. Tak
    2009-04-02 17:24
    GEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!~ I can see Kyou in that...

    - Tak

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