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Conversation Between willyvereb and foxy12
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  1. willyvereb
    2009-11-11 14:33
    I was actually shocked by the scene's execution. Afteral comparing it's disturbing level to Higurashi's few scenes is certainly not an overstatement.
  2. foxy12
    2009-11-11 13:35
    I saw that ending coming to be truthful seeing as how the anime was in the later parts ,I def saw that coming ,school days pulled all of the emotions out of me ,I was sad ,angery ,disgusted with all of the characters ,MOKOTO was the biggest asshoilsh character ,I hated him so much and I'm sure you agree with me but everyone else did wrong ..I didn't think that this wouid end on a happy note at all and I'm glad they didn't include the one from the game ..
  3. willyvereb
    2009-11-09 19:26
    Yeah...I was shocked too...even if I actually spoiled myself before about the ending. I didn't expect something like that.
    Anyways School Days anime was interesting and the show that awakened my character-analysation skills. So it's somehow my favourite, even though few happenings were incredible(in a bad way) for me
  4. willyvereb
    2009-11-01 18:32
    So you've recently watched School Days...right? Because I don't remember you making forum posts about it on MAL.
    What do you think about it? Good, bad or off the charts?
  5. willyvereb
    2009-10-21 10:33
    Well, you should do your replies on my profile instead of yours. But otherwise...DtB is a good show with heavy atmosphere, but it lacks many explanations(I hope the second season serves them to the real reason behind the powers and the appearance of the gates). And Railgun is a side story of yeah, but sorrily it seems the anime only adapts the first big arc of the story and fill up the rest of the episodes with cute, moe and's a bit dissapointing, but still enjoyable.
    And About Touya being Makoto? Well, he's not, but he really isn't an awesome lead character. It is almost sure he's going to get together with Yuki in the end, but I am more interested in Rina's and the other girls' part. Rina's character borders Sheryl's in terms of awesomeness and she isn't even fatally ill or being in a middle of a huge space war.
  6. willyvereb
    2009-10-18 07:40
    I don't know.e a few shows as usual.
    'Nyankoi!' is quite good in precticular. Funny show with good comedy and a slowly building harem.
    Other good one is Darker than Black 2, though it requires the knownledge of it's prequel to understand it.
    Other than that:Seitokai no Ichizon, To are kagaku no Railgun, Kampfer,Book of Bantorra, Seiken no Blacksmith,11eyes, Asura Cryin 2 and of course White Album 2
    Quite a long list isn't it?
    You can see it on my MAL page too...I've just updated it.
  7. foxy12
    2009-10-18 07:08
    Hey ,so what else are you watching aside from white album ? I think I'm going to watch to wards the terra ..People say it's good ,what do you think ?
  8. willyvereb
    2009-10-17 16:56
    How? It's been alreadiy airing. We're currently at the 3rd episode even if thanks to crunchyroll's licence we're an episode behind with the subs.
  9. willyvereb
    2009-10-17 07:11
    Hi Its such a rare thing to see you on the forums
    How are you? Do you watch anything from the new season?
    Afterall White Album continues...
  10. willyvereb
    2009-08-14 00:52
    Hi! Something's up? You're barely visiting this forum(or it seems so). Why are you messaging me here and not in MAL? Nevermind, I'm on a bit of vacation, near the beach. I enjoy it well currently.

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