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Conversation Between deadlight and mrasian
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  1. mrasian
    2010-01-21 03:45
    dang i wanna read that one so bad
  2. deadlight
    2010-01-10 01:42
    Hmmm no sorry haven't seen it yet, even though it's been out for quite some time now.
  3. mrasian
    2010-01-07 08:08
    yo have you seen the chrome shelled regios v14 yet?
  4. mrasian
    2009-11-27 04:46
    yeap yeap you definitely need some loose up time here and there. its just too much when intense stuff is going on constantly. like negima is like fighting after fighting after fighting. i dont think the writers should show rush in a series you know? its like saying i am doing this, that, and it's going to happen so read me. lol
  5. deadlight
    2009-11-16 01:22
    True true! Gintama is just freaking genius!
    Harem and action is always win ^^
  6. mrasian
    2009-11-06 15:08
    i read the regios also, love gintama its freaking genius, and rosario and vampire its good too. rosario shows true harlem with some violent action.
  7. deadlight
    2009-11-04 12:35
    lol, hmmm lets see....haven't been reading much lately
    There's Bakemonogatari, Regios, thinking of actually starting reading Kampfer...Ah Asura Cryin'!

    Putting that aside....I see Gin-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. mrasian
    2009-11-03 19:23
    no thank you!! lol. do you read any other light novels?
  9. deadlight
    2009-11-02 23:52
    You're welcome!

    Thanks for the request!
  10. mrasian
    2009-11-02 20:21
    holy crap thank you very much for helping me out!!

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