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Conversation Between Hiroi Sekai and Kagayaki
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  1. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-10-08 02:37
    Hiroi Sekai
    Hey, as long as you've got something productive to do, right?

    It's weird how we do better while we shouldn't be able to think straight. XD
  2. Kagayaki
    2011-10-08 02:26
    I would, but drawing is too hard for me... I just stick to photoshopping, where I get to use the drawings of other people who are actually good at it

    I think I do actually do much better with photoshop when I'm 3/4 asleep though.
  3. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-10-07 23:16
    Hiroi Sekai
    If I remembered that saying maybe I wouldn't have started by drawing her eyes and fighting chest compression during the rest of the drawing.

    Perhaps you should draw something right now? You could become famous with your quarter-awake skills!
  4. Kagayaki
    2011-10-07 23:02
    Haha, no problem. As they say, "To die from moe is to have your chest tighten suddenly, and have your heart taken from you as you rise to paradise."

    It might also help that I'm in a quarter-awake state right now, so maybe I can relate to how you felt when you were drawing
  5. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-10-07 22:56
    Hiroi Sekai
    Thanks for another repping, Kagayaki^.^ Good to know you enjoyed the drawing that I completed in a quarter-awake state.
  6. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-09-20 16:46
    Hiroi Sekai
    Oh nice, that sounds fantastic. It's a big world out there after all, can't miss it.

    That Madoka soundtrack was fantastic; I just finished writing my monthly story entry and now I'm going through my 93 IM@S songs. XD

    Just finished the second last episode of Kaiji S2 as well.:P
  7. Kagayaki
    2011-09-20 16:27
    Hey, great to hear from you . I'm in my senor year of college now, so I'm in the middle of applying for jobs and everything. It's kind of weird to think that I'll actually be out in the real world soon...

    In the meantime I'm done with classes for the day, so I'm relaxing to the Madoka soundtrack, which I just downloaded . What about you?
  8. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-09-20 16:13
    Hiroi Sekai
    Yo Kagayaki, what's up? Haven't heard from you in forever so I thought I'd check in and see how things are going.
  9. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-02-18 19:57
    Hiroi Sekai
    Thank you, the story's really starting to pick up now. Friday afternoons are always nice. I'm taking a bunch of accounting courses and there's quite a bit of homework.
  10. Kagayaki
    2011-02-18 16:16
    Congrats on getting the chapters done Friday afternoons always put me in a good mood. What sorts of things are you studying in school that are keeping you busy? (I guess for me that would be all of my computer science problem sets )

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