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Conversation Between Hiroi Sekai and Butter Fly
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  1. Butter Fly
    2017-07-11 21:15
    Butter Fly
    Hey you there??
  2. Butter Fly
    2012-04-17 07:01
    Butter Fly
    Hey there! Thanks
    It's really fun at this point of time in schools And how have you been?? Anything you are upto nowadays? ^.^
  3. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-04-17 01:10
    Hiroi Sekai
    Whoa, long time no talk! Happy birthday to you, have a good one and be sure to drop me a line whenever you feel like chatting! ^^
  4. Butter Fly
    2011-08-23 07:45
    Butter Fly
    Wow!! There're hardly any people I see around of this height If you ever visit Asia, you'll feel tall again

    Hehe. That's natural. Using both hands for writing is hard. And I dribble the basket ball with either left or right

    Thanks!!!! I am downloading all 3 at once

    Hehe. Radio music is very less around our place. Many of my friends love rapping...though I'm not comfortable with it. Do u like raps?

    Lol. Computer is one of my favorite subjects and the teachers are one of the worst. I aced my exam today!!! I like Kuwatani Natsuko! The girlz voice is so nice!
  5. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-08-23 01:07
    Hiroi Sekai
    That's true. Average height's about...6 foot 2, I think? People are too tall here.>.>

    I do everything left-handed^.^ You dribble with your dominant hand though, yes? I can't write well with my right hand at all.

    All finished, here are the links!:

    Yeah, a good mix is best. Of course, people are really stingy with music. It's all about radio music and rap/hip hop nowadays.

    The computer teachers generally treat us like idiots so I generally don't like them either. :P
  6. Butter Fly
    2011-08-22 18:00
    Butter Fly
    Yes. Most of the Asian r not as tall as the westerns What's the average height there? I don't want to pay a visit there and feel short xD

    Yes. Being unique is fun. I can write and play badminton and basketball with left (everyone use 2 hands in basketball ) but I can't draw...What about yourself?

    No problem. Better later and never I'll wait for them. Yes, tracks 1,2 n 3

    Ai ai captain Everyone should be satisfied with others likes and dislikes I started with english songs, maybe I just got a li'le bored of them ^_^

    Here the teachers think the same too. I hate my computer teachers to be honest. Both the practical one and the theory one......
  7. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-08-22 06:44
    Hiroi Sekai
    It's tough being Asian in the Western world Well not really, but everyone's really tall!

    Mhmm, I believe less than 10% of the world is left-handed? I don't mind at all, I actually really enjoy it!

    Sure thing, it might take a bit though because it's being picky with me. Just to make sure, you want Tracks 1, 2 and 3 right?

    Everyone's got their own likes; I think my English/Japanese songs are pretty much even:P I think they both have their own specialties.

    I love computer exams, they're usually really simple because the teachers think we know nothing about computers.
  8. Butter Fly
    2011-08-22 06:38
    Butter Fly
    Oh. Everyone at my place is not that tall. But there r still exceptions

    Oh. Lefties are less as compared to righties Do u feel annoyed while answering questions about yourself? Just asking

    Okay. I want the haruhi's top 3 songs Thanks in advance

    Oh. I'm not good with classic rock, but I like rock I listen to Japanese more often than english. I find it better. What about you? I love Korean, to be honest

    Yes ^.^ I have computer exam tomorrow, though. But its as easy as first grade exam for me
  9. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-08-22 06:16
    Hiroi Sekai
    It's pretty good- I think everyone's just tall around here.
    Well, I'm left-handed and I get asked a lot of questions about myself.:P That's really all it is.

    If you want any of the songs, let me know which ones and I can upload it to MediaFire and send you the download links^.^

    I love them both, but mostly Classic Rock and early Pop for English. Japanese is much more open. I've heard a few Korean songs from my mother, but not too much.

    Ooh, a holiday! As long as there's no school, right?;P
  10. Butter Fly
    2011-08-22 06:01
    Butter Fly
    5ft 8 is good! I guess you're quite right according to your age
    In your've written left handed curiosity. What does that mean?

    Is it possible to download the songs from the tracks?

    English and Japanese are both my choice Do you listen to Korean?

    Happy to hear that college is going good. My school's are going the same I had holiday today. There was some sort of festival I'm not aware of xD

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