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Conversation Between Hiroi Sekai and LightMusicBand
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  1. LightMusicBand
    2011-10-31 00:48
    hmmmmm, i can see that, hehe...

    again, that was quick... great to see you online dude...

    ok, enjoy your posting frenzy then, XD
  2. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-10-31 00:41
    Hiroi Sekai
    I'm in a crazy posting frenzy right now.
  3. LightMusicBand
    2011-10-31 00:38
    man, that was quick, hehe

  4. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-10-31 00:36
    Hiroi Sekai
    Hey hey, Happy Halloween!

    *drops in bag*
  5. LightMusicBand
    2011-10-31 00:34
    hey dude,


    TRICK OR TREAT!!! (shows empty bag)..
  6. LightMusicBand
    2011-06-14 23:00

    oh, that's ok. been busy myself. busy not doing anything. (the thing is, i don't want the school to start yet. so i'm fine not doing anything). so how's the grades? and i see, so hockey's the big thing there. oh yeah, it's Canada, it's your national pastime. hehehe.

    hmmm, ordering from japan, well, i don't think of doing that (because it will indeed cost me a pretty penny, heheh). o well. (probably when i get money, or a job, hehehe).

    yup, trolls are indeed out there, just waiting to ruin your day. it's not new, and it is prominent. i think the best way to deal with them, is to ignore them.

    ok, i hope i get to do something now....
  7. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-06-14 04:20
    Hiroi Sekai
    Hey again,

    Don't worry about it; I've been pretty busy lately anyways. I need to get my grades back soon too, oh dear. The Mavericks...that's the basketball team, right? Hockey's the big thing here right now; our home team is in the Stanley Cup finals and Wednesday is the last game. :O

    Yup, they're really good for the price. I ordered mine from Japan, so it cost a pretty penny. I actually doubt you could find any for sale in Canada.

    Excluding those who have something to speak about on the internet, the rest are trolls. It's something that's unavoidable being on the internet, so I wouldn't worry at all.
  8. LightMusicBand
    2011-06-10 04:47
    hey dude......

    sorry for the late reply. been raining for over 3 days now, due to a typhoon. (oh, man). well, i had a very disappointing day. i just received my grades and it was very low (well, for my standard, but a lot of people got lower grades than i got, so yeah). well, at least there's a bit of good news. Dallas won! Go Mavs!!

    wow, those amplugs sound amazing. very cool stuff. i didn't really know that small thing can do all that. oh, how could someone living in canada got their hands on a k-on amplug? is it in sale there?

    well, i'm still a noob at guitaring, but that won't stop me. i'll do what i want to do. i don't really care about those trolls, do what they want. as long as i do what i want. don't really mind. (well, maybe a little, hehehe. i'm only human btw).

    well, good luck....
  9. Hiroi Sekai
    2011-06-07 03:47
    Hiroi Sekai
    Hey hey,

    Yeah, it was ridiculously hot this morning and now it's chilly. Gotta make sure to stay away from the flu.

    I didn't really know about amPlugs until recently; they have a headphone jack, auxiliary port for iPods or other devices, and 3 dials (gain, tone, and volume). If you play on high gain, it sounds like a strong rock overdrive, and if you turn it down, it's nice and clean classic guitar. Definitely worth it, but the K-ON ones are much more expensive. You might save around $50-80 if you buy the standard ones.

    That's perfectly fine too; either way you have to make sure your playing sounds clean at least, or everyone will call you out.

    Also, if you're on YouTube, know that it's the breeding ground for trolls and haters. They have nothing better to do with their time, so you can either delete their comments or just ignore them. You could play like Jimi Hendrix himself and still get bad comments on YouTube.
  10. LightMusicBand
    2011-06-07 03:18
    hey dude, yeah....

    although i could have replied sooner, but it seems this cray weather got the better of me. o well, be careful, you might catch a cold with these kind of changing weather.

    oh, and i always thought that those amplugs were just another accesory. i didn't know that it was like an effects pedal or something.... but, they're really cool-looking, but small. whoah, i gonna get me one of those, if i ever encounter one.....

    hey, thanks for the advice in videos on youtube. but i'm an "old school" person, and tries to do stuff as simple as possible. nah, i don't like editing the video too much (because i don't know how exactly). but i'll keep your tips in mind, thanks, you gave me some tips to keep in mind when i do my next cover. (but i'm still not very good at the guitar, hehehe).

    ok, i'll just ignore those who oppose me. what they say is a lie. but it's hard to ignore them when they constantly annoy you, every day. (being my brother and all). i hope he gets tiored of it soon.

    hey, thanks again.... note taken.....

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