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Conversation Between Wavie and nomuni
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  1. nomuni
    2009-09-13 21:44
    Oooooh yeah! I remember kenichi! It was awesome! Definitely a 9.5/10 for me... I dunno if you recommended HunterXHunter to me but that was a 10/10. Definitely worth going through the first few slow episodes. I had no idea that it was that kind of anime. If you have any others like that, please tell! Thanks! I have to get back to you on the other but those were still fresh on my mind.
  2. nomuni
    2009-09-13 21:40
    heya, been busy with college. i'll try to reply soon! i did watch some but it was a while ago.
  3. Wavie
    2009-07-31 11:39
    hey how did those recommendations go down ?
  4. Wavie
    2009-07-01 14:47
    nice one thanks for replying so fast nomuni dont forget kaleido star when ya get a chance to... i thought it would be really bad but it was surpringly good. you could actually compare mui (since i know u watched kenichi now ) to the main lead in kaleido star.

    thanks for offer on recommendations i might give ya a shout on that some time. just dont have the time at moment to pick up anymore animes

    one warning about major tho - there is no comedy and its prob an anime youll love or hate. (i cant say youll like it 100% but if you do then hay: good)
  5. nomuni
    2009-07-01 13:24
    I'll give ya some feedback on the recommendations.
  6. nomuni
    2009-07-01 13:11
    Check your pm!
  7. Wavie
    2009-07-01 12:21
    oh and if you like sport animes try major - its went for 5 seasons so far. (because u have hikaru no go, ippo, capeta and Yakitate!! Japan) im putting those together because its a story that shows the development of characters. (similar to kenichi to but you havent seen that.)

    season 1 a young kid before his teens
    season 2 high school first year
    season 3 high school
    season 4 saying anymore would be spoilers

    anyway you should maybe try that (its sad to admit but i cried on season1 :P ) - season 1 - the movie set between season 1 and 2 - season 2 (you can see hes older now) - quite a good racing one.

    anyway let me know which ones you decide to watch (and if they are good), its nice to see how your recommendations go down.

    on another note an action one kenichi - im quite certain you might give that a 10, its got a good mix of comedy and action.
    hunter x hunter is also a good one with a good mix of friendship and action - but i warn you ... it starts off slowwwwwww maybe like 7 eps before you can really get into it or possibly 10 but its worth it.

    plus if you like these animes i have many more i can recommend ya.
  8. Wavie
    2009-07-01 12:12
    ouran high school host club is also another one you may really enjoy.
  9. Wavie
    2009-06-29 18:25
    hey ill reply soon with some just a bit busy lately.

    ill think some up for ya

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