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Conversation Between Toddler Naruto and Shay
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  1. Toddler Naruto
    2013-08-29 22:34
    Toddler Naruto
    I love Bebop, though it's been forever since I've seen it.

    I'll prob re-watch it when FUNi's BD/DVD is rls'd.

    What about you?
  2. Shay
    2013-08-29 10:46

    10 chars...
  3. Toddler Naruto
    2013-08-29 10:12
    Toddler Naruto
    To each their own lol ^^. I usually only watch subs if there's no dub, or if the dub is terrible (Cardcaptors etc).

    Old School, like DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star etc?
  4. Shay
    2013-08-29 09:29
    Hahaha, no problem. I prefer to watch my anime subbed. Not really into American accents in anime. Just doesn't right. Though I am quite old school ^^
  5. Toddler Naruto
    2013-08-29 09:24
    Toddler Naruto
    Originally Posted by Shay View Post
    Just noticed your sig. Has Zetman been made into an anime now? I will have to jump on that!

    Yup, there's even a complete english dub of Zetman now, thnx to Viz Media.

    (moving here to avoid derailing my toons thread, hope you don't mind ^^')

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