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Conversation Between Desiree Disaster and Renan
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  1. Renan
    2009-04-30 20:36
    That song sounds disgusting. In a gooooooooood way.
  2. Desiree Disaster
    2009-04-29 07:15
    Desiree Disaster
    Terribad... that reminds me of a song called "Incredibad", if you've ever heard it. It's about three teens who lose their virginities to an alien, of all things. XD
  3. Renan
    2009-04-26 10:18
    That is terribad! I guess we're going to have to resort to PMs again.
  4. Desiree Disaster
    2009-04-25 03:07
    Desiree Disaster
    You're right, I haven't been on AnimeSuki in ages... just been busy with stuff, I guess... haven't been able to wake up at 6am to talk to you. Plus, I have school now. I had holidays before.
  5. Renan
    2009-04-24 11:07
    Why are you never online!
  6. Renan
    2009-04-09 17:13
    Online Same Time = EPIC WIN
  7. Renan
    2009-04-03 13:13
    ;______; Answer my PM.
  8. Desiree Disaster
    2009-04-03 03:24
    Desiree Disaster
    Oh Rennie, I am online... just when you aren't. It seems this friendship is going to be rather difficult.

    Anyway, how are things for you? I got a new mobile phone today, as an early Easter present. Remember how I said I got one and it didn't work? Well... yeah. My family paid to replace it. ^^
  9. Renan
    2009-04-02 21:38
    Why are you never on.
  10. Desiree Disaster
    2009-03-29 16:44
    Desiree Disaster
    *pokes madly*

    We're both online at the same time! A miracle! D:

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