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Conversation Between Kudryavka and Aspirety
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  1. Kudryavka
    2011-07-16 01:21
    Sorry, but I don't think the English Grapholic exists anymore for download; I couldn't find it.
  2. Aspirety
    2011-07-16 01:09
    In that case, would you be able to link me to the software? I'm very interested in ripping those sprites, they look beautiful :P
  3. Kudryavka
    2011-07-03 14:08
    I made it. I ripped the sprite sheet from my Little Busters game with Grapholic, then cut them and put them together in the GIMP. Hope that helps

    I don't believe there are any of any characters available out on the Internet available to download. I'd offer to make you one, but my computer with the game and tools is kaput, lol.
  4. Aspirety
    2011-07-03 06:12
    Oh my, you have to tell me where you got that Komari sprite avatar from. Are there others?

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