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Conversation Between Kudryavka and willx
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  1. willx
    2013-02-01 11:18
    KPOP was strangely huge when I was in highschool. I was a big fan of H.O.T., Shinwa, S.E.S. and other SM associated groups. I was big into korean gangster rap -- considering I was a psuedo-asian gangster myself at that age..
  2. Kudryavka
    2013-01-31 19:30
    Originally Posted by willx View Post
    My good friend is a HUGE fan of theirs and has traveled around North America to see their shows. Heck, she's in Korea right now, and I believe have caught a number of their performances there too..
    That is dedication!

    I am quite partial to Kpop too, SNSD (Girl's Generation) in particular. I love how being a Kpop fan is really engaging. I would love to go to some Kpop concerts in Korea! But I don't think I could be as dedicated as your friend and travel everywhere they go to see them! That's cool!!
  3. Kudryavka
    2013-01-25 16:42
    lol get out man...
  4. willx
    2013-01-25 16:20
    Double Entendre via picture. Y'know, eating .. a .. cat? ^_~

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